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Author Topic: Botanical garden, Moscow  (Read 2210 times)

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Botanical garden, Moscow
« on: March 20, 2017, 12:07:27 AM »
Here's a nice article about Moscow's Botanical gardens

There's five of them. These pics are from "the largest and most famous" one (as they put it in the article), it's The Russian Academy of Sciences' Main Botanical Gardens

It's far from city's center and not easy to find, it had took us couple of hours to get there, first by metro, then app. of 1h wandering around and asking " Извините, пожалуйста, как пройти...? " , and finally by cab! It's worth it though!  ;D

There's another quote from the article:"Russians take their Botanical Gardens very seriously..." So true!  :loving:

Btw, this is just a 'sneak peak', a part of the Rose Garden. It's incredibly beautiful and the smell there is divine.

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