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Songs as a way to master languages

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Welcome Czenny! I thought of the same thing. For me it was to learn Russian from the songs of the Russian music group Chaif, ЧАЙФ

Indeed, WELCOME,  Czenny :thumbsup:

My good friend Alexey learnt his English from the Beatles' songs .. he knew the words - perfectly - but for many years - he hadn't the first idea what they MEANT  :chuckle:


Actually I want to learn Russian the Zsa Zsa way:

"The only way to learn a language properly, in fact, is to marry a man of that nationality. You get what they call in Europe a 'sleeping dictionary.' Of course, I have only been married five times, and I speak seven languages. I'm still trying to remember where I picked up the other two."
 ~ Zsa Zsa Gabor

Hello everybody! I am not a newcomer...I was a permanent resident of GoGabber forum ..many years. Glad to see you all here.  :party0011:


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