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Moby's Russophobia and Kremlinphobia

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--- Quote from: Manny on August 27, 2015, 10:15:20 AM --- Some of you lot will jump on a any bit of propaganda on any Ukrainian site you can find.  (:)

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And you remove proof of Kremlin News media fakery to places were most folks can't read ... How black are your pots, today ?


--- Quote from: andrewfi on October 24, 2015, 09:08:49 AM ---All Russian media is not controlled by Putin.
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As discussed many times - the Kremlin control - via govt ownership or oligarchs who are cronies of the govt. the most watched TV stations. How some of these 'acquisitions ' came about is quite revealing - you just aren't being honest.   


When even such stalwarts of the opposition such as Eduard Limonov publicly choose to stand behind the current government and its foreign polices then who are you going to find to, credibly, speak to that position?
Answer: you will not.


Andrewfi - you just demonstrated you are CLUELESS about Russians and politics. My best Russian mate and colleague left Russia because of the life and politics - dislikes Putin the man - but is now loving that he is making Russians proud, again...  You'd be just as daft to suggest that that makes him a 'fan' or that day to day life is better in Russia after all those years of promising  .... spin on .... 

--- Quote from: Manny on October 23, 2015, 11:51:25 PM ---In matters where there is dissent there is debate and it is found on mass media as well as little blogs and forums.

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'dissent' from folk who can cause 'damage' means they are found 'guilty' of 'tax evasion' or something else dodgy  - to which the current leadership would not fair well - if the court system was truly apolitical / corruption.

Example Ilya Ponomarev - the only Duma member to vote against the accepting Crimea as a member of the RF.

'funny' how news organisations that do not tow govt policy find 'problems' with Roskomnadzor  ...

Censorship is illegal under the Russian constitution - save for reasons of national security - but that just isn't how it works out ..

"They pay lip service to it, but they expose and investigate little about the government in reality" most DEFO applies to 'investigative journalism'  re dealing with investigation of powerful members of Russian govt. / business  - who are part of the current controlling dynasty.

Most Russians know it is better to not discuss politics and just get on with life....   


--- Quote from: Markje on November 16, 2015, 12:52:28 AM ---
What are you arguing exactly? It wasn't Assad that blew up bombs in Paris, or started a kalashnikov killing spree. That was ISIS which Putin is fighting with great success. Why else would ISIS suddenly start suicide attacks across the globe after 2 years of war with the USA.

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Markje, Putin is bombing all Assad's enemies - and has given IS the opportunity to hit 'moderate' groups - if that is 'success' by your definition - we have nothing further to discuss on this particular subject !

If Putin was so 'successful'  - why is an IS group considered to be responsible for killing those innocent tourists on a russian airliner and killing Egyptian tourism?


--- Quote from: Markje on May 04, 2016, 03:08:11 AM ---
Until Crimea itself didn't want to be part of Ukraine anymore. They had become an Independent nation not part of Ukraine before asking Russia to join. You keep glancing over that fact.
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 :chuckle: No..GRU troops - acting under Kremlin instructions - surrounded Ukrainian military facilities - took control of the parliament and facilitated a non recognised 'referendum ' - following several months of nonsense about  Maidan..

That's an invasion - those troops were paying guests - not to be used as 5th columnists to facilitate regime change...

--- Quote from: Markje on May 04, 2016, 03:08:11 AM ---Donbass tried the same,
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No ... The Kremlin tried the same stunt - but not having military infrastructure these - failed - until Aug '15 - when it was necessary to use large numbers of Russian regulars and kit ..

Spin on...

The Kremlin had and has been quite strong in it's language - to other nations with Baltic coasts who have made noises about joining Nato....

--- Quote from: Manny on May 06, 2016, 12:01:05 AM ---The Neocon wet dream is to depose Putin (see Qaddafi and Hussein for details), break up Russia into bite sized EU aspirant chunks controlled by Washington lap dogs (see Ukraine for details), pillage its oil, gas, gold, and get the US bombs and troops sat on the border with China ready for the next step. Putin & Co were somewhat sharper than Hank, Bud and Chuck and saw this coming years ago. Ukraine and Syria demonstrates how any attempts at that might play out. So an angry Uncle Sam is now in a stalemate. What to do? Sabre rattle and fill up the neighbouring countries with bombs and troops and manufacture some "aggression" to counter (See RUA passim for details).

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Iraq - in case you forgot was engaged in ethnic cleansing - dropping gas on Kurdish villages, invaded a neighbour - fired rockets at other neighbours  and was making noises about using - what turned out not to be - 'wmd'...

Libiya - a state also engaged in slaughtering citizens who objected to a dictator... thank goodness French and US jets stopped Gaddafi storming Benghazi

Ukraine - reacted petulantly to the majority of people celebrating the removal of a breaking a treaty to protect Ukraine's integrity and physically organising  / aiding insurrection and holding of bogus referendums.

Moldova, Georgia - aiding and abetting one side and handing out Russian passports..

Yet should a region of 'Russia' - which never agreed to be part of the RF want to leave  - aerial bombing and indiscriminate slaughter.... yet 'tears' in Donbas when Kyiv tries to reassert control with far less - casualties / aggression.

I am quite sure there are hawks in Washington who 'dream' as you say - in the same way some dream of the USSR and it's satellites..

One of us has a little more realistic perspective...


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