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Civilian referendum in Netherlands about Ukraines association with EU treaty.


Apparently, the shockblog is working the bureaucracy to get a non-binding referendum of Dutch people to vote on the Association-agreement Ukraine and the EU signed.

* Gather 10.000 old-fashioned paper autographs within 4 weeks after filing. [done, they got 11k]
* Gather 300.000 autographs (digital signed or paper) , within 6 weeks after forms become available. the first 10k will also have to sign this one agan. [in progress].

Should the 300k mark be reached within those 6 weeks, the goverment will have no choice but to organize a state-wide referendum , which is non-binding.

So even if Dutchies vote 'no' , they will still continue  :censored:

For dutch-capable readers:



even if it was , why would they listen to the people, its not like we have guns like in Switzerland.

Update on the situation:

Geenstijl lobbied and now has a majority-vote in the NL government, meaning they will follow the referendums outcome, whatever that may be.

(Of course, they are politicians so reasonable safeguards apply).


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