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Author Topic: Anyone been to Vinnitsa before?  (Read 5222 times)

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Re: Anyone been to Vinnitsa before?
« Reply #25 on: June 11, 2015, 01:50:25 AM »
For the good order like almost every elsewhere in the world entry into Ukraine is a two step process. First presentation of your passport and than inspection of your personal belongings. The customs will be fine, they might inspect via X-Ray your suitcase but I have never had a problem. Sometimes at either point they might ask where you traveled from as they get confused. I noticed the last two times more officials in military garb, but this is because of the difficulties in the East.

There are a number of buses to the center and the train/metro station as well as "official" taxis. But the cost should be around ₴ 175.= Ask your hotel what there local taxi driver will charge, and see if they will help organize transportation. When you exit the customs this area is full on packed usually. Because you will recognized as a tourist you will be welcomed by a myriad of taxi drivers offering there services. Some are decent others quite sleazy.
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