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Marriage agency scam sites, are they honest?

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Tom Cat:

--- Quote from: andrewfi on April 27, 2015, 07:35:39 AM ---
--- Quote from: Tom Cat on April 26, 2015, 08:57:13 AM ---
--- Quote from: andrewfi on April 26, 2015, 08:27:14 AM ---What on earth made you think I was referring to 'Jim'? Your original post was not, so why on earth would I have done without being explicitly clear about doing so.

The factual basis for claims made by your new best mate has been shown to be incorrect on this very forum in the past.

You are however displaying the characteristics that show why the 'consumer's friend' is a worthwhile strategy for online hucksters - they know that people like you won't be bothered to find out that the claims they are making are incorrect.

--- End quote ---

You referring to this man as if I have any personal experience, is very dishonest on your part.

--- End quote ---

What on earth are you going on about?

You made a silly mistake in reading and now you want to double down on it?

Truly 'exceptional'.

If you have a question to ask then ask it.
If you ask a silly, stupid, unthoughtful question don't then try to suggest that it was rhetorical as you are now trying to do.

If you ask a question then most of us, including myself, make an assumption that you want help and a genuine honest answer. That's what you got from me. That the response showed that you had given no thought to your original post is not my fault or problem.

So, next time you have a question to ask why not try thinking it through beforehand? There's a good fellow.

--- End quote ---

Okay, why are you referring this guy is my mate?
Don't make up stories in your mind and try to pass it on as truth :)


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