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Author Topic: Layover in Moscow  (Read 6878 times)

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Re: Layover in Moscow
« Reply #25 on: February 12, 2015, 10:01:18 PM »
Spasiba Bolshoi Olga!   :saint:

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Re: Layover in Moscow
« Reply #26 on: February 13, 2015, 02:17:01 PM »

Yep, me too.

...considering he posted just above with "Spasibo bolshoe Olga", I guess my schedule was correct  :biggrin:

I didn't want to pour on his parade, but you were 100% right, unless someone really experienced from Moscow waited for him at the airport and took him downtown and back to the airport, it's rather a crazy idea. (Myself, i didn't risque during the 7h long layover in Vienna, i did want to see the city, but then i can't speak German, was never there, don't know anyone who'd pick me up - take me back, and with all the online research i had done, i had decided i was risking to miss my flight to Kishinev... The next flight wasn't anytime soon and i had to be in Moldova at pre-scheduled time for work. Call me a chicken, but i prefer to be on the safe side. ;))

Well, Vienna is easy, really.

Kishinev means you've flown with OS - means new Terminal 3 - and discount code for CAT (city airport train) printed on your boarding pass (if you did online check-in).

CAT is every 30 minutes, 16 minutes ride, 17 EUR round trip \ 11 EUR one-way, 20% discount with OS boarding passes.

There's S-Bahn (line 7) as well; also every 30 minutes (25 or 30 minutes ride). Tickets cost 4.40 one way, IIRC (so round trip must be 8.80 EUR).

Both take you to Wien Mitte, with all the main sights at the 5 minutes walking distance.

Shall you need to go to Hauptbahnhof, there are (since October) some ICEs going from the airport there - but the area is just disguisting  :sick0012:

If you had 7 hours between the flights while traveling to Kishinev (OS leaving at 12:40), it means you've arrived to Vienna at 05:40 - or? Quite early, IMO...

So you could have taken either CAT at 06:06, or S7 at 06:17 - arrive to Wien Mitte at 06:22 or 06:43 - have about 4,5 hours for sightseeing, Zachertorte and cappuccino  :coffeeread: , and even some shopping - trip back from Wien Mitte around 11 - at the airport around half past eleven - through security check and passport control - take-off at 12:40  :plane:. All nice and easy, and stress free :)

Not speaking German wouldn't be a problem - after all, for most GERMANS using "hoch Deutsch" viennese accent would sound at least ridiculous (not to mention tyrolean or stirian accents). But they all learn English at school, and the level of English knowledge in Austria in general is much better than what you could have witnessed in Russia, for example.
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Re: Layover in Moscow
« Reply #27 on: February 13, 2015, 02:36:28 PM »
Zachertorte and cappuccino  :coffeeread: , and even some shopping

Yes! That's all i wanted!  ;D

Thank you so much, Olga!  I've saved the information you shared, thank you once again  :)
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