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I am trying to develop a story about Ukrainian brides

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--- Quote from: andrewfi on February 28, 2014, 05:15:47 PM ---cl55amg, the thing is that this is a discussion forum. It ain't just about you. Now, while I may be one of the many who understands that what we write tells others about us I also know that there will be all sorts of different people reading these posts. So points are made that are not just about you, but about other people, other cases and, of course, replies to other posters.

So,when all is said and done, the title of the thread that you chose reflects your thinking, it was not a random choice. Replying to what you wrote kinda makes sense, doesn't it?

Glad that you came to know that which we pointed out to you. You saved yourself some trouble. Chances are that if you consider that which was written in this thread that you will be better able to do some objective analysis and save yourself a load of time and effort. ;)

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Simply answering the question to the best of one's ability rather than analyzing why I asked it would have been preferred.  As one poster noted, it is a natural question.  Persuading a lady to leave her homeland and family is surely one of the challenges in this endeavor.

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You might wish to consider somewhere besides Ukraine or RUssia for that matter.
few little issues going on over there, that likely won't favour western visitors.

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It definitely puts a damper on many already deep in the process also.  I am not sure what my options are anymore much less someone knew to the scene.

You guys that have your GF's and wives on this side of the world are fortunate indeed.

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My wife is currently in Ukraine and we are in the paper process. ahead of some and I can travel there if needed.
Hopefully she will be here by the end of the month for a bit. Her son will not be able to come yet.
They are not in any immediate danger area, but Putin is just getting started, who knows, this time next week.

I feel your pain Mike. Even traveling to Russia at the moment and being from the west, is likely something
people should be careful with, I am sure we are not being portrayed in a good light, considering.

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Hey Man!

My name is Nicholas Platt and I'm a producer for a small digital company based in NYC. I am trying to develop a story about Ukrainian brides. I think it is fascinating and I would love to learn more. Would you or any of your friends take a minute to talk with me on the phone?




  With the medias track record on these foreign bride shows, I'd say you don't have much hope here. But hey, I could always use a few extra dollars, why not take my trip report and turn it into a movie! I'm Canadian, so just make the guy American because that's what Americans want to see on the big screen. Funny everyone else in the world is ok with watching American this and that saving the world.
Anyway, the  last guy that began a screenplay gave up on it after some of his inner circle gave its direction some bad reviews.

High brow journalism indeed:

It's unlikely there will be a shortage of 'Jersey Shore' style wannabes and losers tripping over themselves to get their mugs in front of a camera.

Yeaahhhh.....after having a look at your (horrible) website and all your questions about sex in chat yesterday, there's no way I'd give you the time of day, much less anything else.  Typical click bait, liberal shit head garbage.  :sick0002:


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