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Author Topic: The Evil Empire Strikes Da Knack!  (Read 2223 times)

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The Evil Empire Strikes Da Knack!
« on: April 13, 2007, 09:03:41 AM »
The “Evil Empire” Strikes Da Knack!

A long time ago in a land far far away….

Episode 1:  Daknack does Moscow (day 1)!

Though I have had many setbacks, it is now time for Knack’s first trip report.  The plane ride was long.  Suffice to say I will never take Delta Air again.  British Air is the only way to go!   I arrived in Moscow a bit run down but none the less eager to explore!  I moved through customs fairly quickly, and Elena (Helen13) a great lady from Russia and someone I consider as a friend, agreed to meet me at the airport.  There she was.  About as tall as I expected her and I was pleased to see her.  She knew her way around the airport and helped with money exchange and warned me to keep my receipt (“Russia is a nation of papers!”).

Well the gritty details I am forbidden to tell as well as some of the photos, there are some things I will tell.   I had a nice meal with Elena, and next to us, there was some students that took English.  I could tell they were talking about us because I heard them over my shoulder trying to prompt one of the group to talk to me.  So I turned around and addressed one of the cute girls at the table.  Priviet! (Elena to my disappointment told me my Priviet isn’t pronounced perfectly even though I practiced!).

Elena and I talked more, and I ordered a salad bar (that’s not like an American salad bar) but I found almost everything to be inedible.  Particularly repulsive was some type of jellied meat thing that forced me to suppress my gag reflex to keep from vomiting (I exaggerate not).  I think Elena was very amused by my reaction and told me to get used to it because it is a traditional food!  Thank god the borscht came to the table because it was quite good!

While eating the soup, the table next to me began to talk to me in English.  They did a pretty good job too.  I was talking with the guys and the young girls (who were VERY sexy) and it turns out it was one of the young girls birthdays.  One of the boys asked me what I thought of their Moscow women.  I didn’t lie.  Better than back home that’s for damn sure!  While some of the Moscow girls might be stand-offish, there is no question in my mind they are the most beautiful (of the Caucasian women) anywhere in the world. Everywhere my head turned they were simply stunning.

The students bought me a few drinks (with Elena warning me about being too competitive with those “Russian boys”) and I generally had a blast.  Elena of course also reminded me to stop talking to Moscow Girls or I would never make it to Sochi!  Part of me wonders if she was right because they were totally stunning.

From there we went to Red Square where I saw things I’ve only seen on television and in movies.  It was an experience I won’t easily forget.  Elena brought me to the Metro (which we rode to the various places).

I found the metro system interesting in that the stations themselves were very beautiful and well kept, but the trains looking like they were built in 1920.  They were fun to ride and reminded me of a rickety old wooden rollercoaster.  At the end of our meeting Elena armed me with some paperwork and a map card of the metro system.  It would not be the last time I needed the map!

The long and short of this meeting was confirmation that Elena is an awesome person.  Ill put a foot in the ass of anyone that says otherwise.

PS to those that says Kvas sucks:  I say thee NAY!  It RULES!

Episode 2:  WTF? Palm Trees?  In RUSSIA???

   I wake up in the hotel in Moscow early and there is a taxi waiting for me to get my butt to the airport for the final flight to Sochi (my destination).  I get in and we roll out to the airport.  

The airport was pretty uneventful, and I exchanged some dollars at the money changer.  This was SVO and I came in a DME (both Moscow Airports).  My understanding was the SVO was the main airport, but DME was a very modern airport, and had a few great features.  For example DME had little mini movie booths for people on layovers. They could rent movies and chill out between flights. Brilliant business idea IMO.  SVO was kinda a micro hole in the wall airport I was very unimpressed with. I had myself a coke, and ended up in a slight staring contest with a Russki.  I was not gonna look away first, and me being me, I won.  I ended up having to wait a few hours for my flight but all was cool.  The security there had me take off my shoes, but what stuck me a odd was they have these weird plastic socky things that you put on your feet to walk around in while they scan your shoes.  They have weird attitudes about their feet.  I didn’t use the plastic socks and the people around me appeared horrified.  Of course Im not the type succumb to social pressure so I did pretty much what I wanted in that regard.  

I went out to the bus which drove us out to the plane where I boarded and ended up sitting in my assigned seat.  A woman had recognized in the airport that I spoke mainly English and asked if I would agree to change seats so she could sit with her family.  Of course I would I said. It also helped that she seated me next to two very attractive brunettes.  Both these ladies were very nice and helpful during my flight out helping with the stewardesses when they came.  I pulled out my trusty handy dandy translation computer when they began the announcements (they did Russian then in English)  I asked them if they always did announcements in English or was it because just for me?  I told them I felt special now!  The giggled and chuckled.  The stewardess came over and frowned at me and asked me to put my electronic devices away.  

During the course of the flight we would laugh and joke mostly via body language but also through a combination of my Russian and their English.  It would not be the last time I saw these two ladies….

The plane landed without much fanfare, and I got off.  I walked through the door of the airport and I was looking to my left.  To my Right I heard “Mah-chew!”  I turned to my right and there in front of me was the Lady I had come all those miles to see.  She was shorter than I imagined, but then I’m a big dude and everyone in my mind is big until I meet them.  She had very Asian features as she was half Tatar.  For those that don’t know, a Tatar is the Russian remains of Ghangius Khan’s Mongolian horde that swept across Asia and parts of Europe.  In tow with my lady was the translator who was a good looking blonde named Ira.  We hugged, and they had to wait while I collected my bags in another part of the Airport (they were not allowed to go).  After I collected my things, we all gathered into a mini SUV and I was driven to the flat (apartment) I had rented.   What struck me most of the area was the palm trees... WTF? While we drove we talked.  I don’t really recall the conversation though.  I was dropped off at my flat where I needed to take a few hours sleep I was exhausted.  I relaxed but couldn’t sleep until an hour before the appointed time to meet my lady.  So while I was tired, I put on some nice clothes, showered and me, my lady and the translator got some good food at a German Style Beer House.  I was deliriously happy on multiple fronts.  For one I was HUNGRY!!  And this was food I both recognized and LOVED.  Secondly I had mentioned quite a bit ago that I liked these kinda places.  That meant that she was listening and really paying attention as opposed to going through the motions.  In addition, she was trying to make me feel comfortable right away which I appreciated.  We all had sausage and laughed and had a really great time.  During this time, I sang to her a Drinking / Love song that praises your lover.  She was quite charmed and it was very unexpected on her part.  After the meal I was again tired from jet lag so I went back to the flat and SLEPT LIKE THE DEAD!

While In Moscow, it might not be overly fair to Moscow Food.  The place that I was in was very nice, and what I had was things at the salad bar and borscht.  I was encouraged to eat more (as Elena said a silly fat American could hardly be filled up with the little I ate).  After this was pointed out to me by Elena, I realized I might have not really given the rest of the food a real chance.  I wouldn’t want someone to judge food based on the salad bars in the US

PS yes I am writing more just been rather busy

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Re: The Evil Empire Strikes Da Knack!
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2007, 09:04:19 AM »
Episode 3:   Comfort Levels

Those that know me best know that I am pretty comfortable with most social situations.  I tend to dominate a room, conversation, or party.  I woke up fairly early, more early than I nearly ever wake around 2 in the morning and I wasn’t really able to get back to sleep.  I tend to have a hard time getting to sleep, but once I am there, it’s nearly impossible to wake me up.  Again this was something of an exception.  I very rarely remember my dreams, or nightmares for that matter, and can only remember a handful of times I woke with any recollection of a dream.  That night I had a horrible nightmare about come of the things my ex-wife had put me through, and it messed up my frame of mind pretty badly: to the point I was unable to get back to sleep.  I waited all night then till noon for the translator to call (everyone assumed I would sleep long which I somewhat did considering I was in bed quite early).  My lady was set to come at 2 pm after her shift at work.  When she showed up, I was already somewhat sleepy still and feeling a little run down.  We took a walk to a little area that was sort of like a mini amusement park.  Im a slow walker.  I pretty much “mosey” wherever I need to go.  My Lady on the other hand was a rather FAST walker and I found myself having a difficult time keeping pace with her.  She suggested that we ride the Farris Wheel, which we did.  I was rather surprised that they did even something this simple differently.  First, there was no door on the cart, nor did they bother to stop the wheel so we could get in.  We sorta climbed in as the thing was moving, and got off while it was moving.  I remember thinking that it was overpriced for one go around, but I didn’t have a good bead on the currency exchange value at this point, and I don’t even remember what it cost.  It may have simply been an impression of the situation.  Normally in this situation, Daknack, being Daknack, would have made a move.  But things were not comfortable.  Not for me, and not for her.  At this point everything felt very forced, and even a little creepy.  I decided to wait.  We walked around and she showed me the sites in the garden, even McDonalds (which actually looked like an architecturally great building) and down to the Black Sea.  The Black Sea didn’t look much different than any water body I had seen before, however the beaches we hard rock and sharp stone rather than soft sands.  We looked out over the Sea, but she wasn’t comfortable speaking much English, and I had deluded myself into thinking my Russian was enough to survive (it was but ONLY to SURVIVE).  Again there was an awkward silence, that was gratefully shattered by the ringing of a cell phone.  Unknown to me at the time, it was our translator.  As my Lady was talking, I noticed a couple taking photos as if they were on vacation.  The man was taking pics of the woman against the backdrop of the black sea.   So I came over and in a combination of Russian, English, and very articulate pantomime, I indicated that the man should stand with the woman and I would take their pictures.  He seemed grateful and understood.  At this point I was sorely tempted to do my usual joke when taking strangers pictures:  Instead of having them say “cheese”  I say, “Say: Oh my God!  This crazy guy stole our camera!”  Then I pretend to run 3 feet before turning and everyone has a good laugh.  I somehow didn’t think it would translate (btw try that its great for making friends with strangers).  I snapped the pictures and the man approached me and spoke actually respectable English.  Turns out he used to work on an Alaskan Fishing boat and picked up a good deal of English there.  He told me he was embarrassed that his English was so poor (something I have found all Russians seem to do on the subject of English abilities.  It was a bit annoying because almost everyone English I spoke to was superior to my Russian).  We talked a good bit, and the man insisted politely that we take a picture of me and him.  I obliged and dropped my fine hat on his head to which everyone seemed rather pleased).  The photo was snapped and we all said our goodbyes.  Toward the end of the exchange my lady walked up somewhat mystified (and impressed) that I had just approached total strangers.  “My you are a bold one!” she wrote in my electronic translator.  She hadn’t seen anything yet!  She handed me the phone and told me that it was the translator.  The translator told me that tomorrow, we would be going to the banya.  I was pretty happy about this, because everyone talks about the banya as though it is a mystical fountain of youth.  She then told me that she would come by earlier the next morning to help me shop, as I had asked about getting food. My Lady had to work so I would not be able to see her until it was time for the Banya (I believe it was to be at 5 the next day).  We went to a small café from there and had a tea and some cake.  We engaged in very basic and again somewhat uncomfortable small talk.  I was having a bit of trouble reading her body language something I am very good with reading.  As we left, we ran into two groups of people my Lady knew.  One was her boss and her bosses little girl.  She seemed like a nice enough lady.  Then on the street as we were leaving we bumped into another friend of hers who was walking with a group of 5 or 6 women.  All these women walking arm in arm made me wonder if the nation had a high population of lesbians.  Later I realized that was just a cultural thing.  At any rate, her friend shooed my Lady away (she knew I was coming to visit and didn’t want to distract her).  We walked a bit and my Lady took me to a super tiny grocery store where I bought two lumps of cheese (one I ate that night because I was still hungry because one piece of cake all day isn’t very much).  We said our good byes in an unsure way and left it go that night.  I took stock in things after she left.  She was uncomfortable in the beginning, very comfortable with the translator there, and then this day very very uncomfortable.  I defiantly didn’t like the very fast walking and to my mind it almost felt like she was ditching me.  I made a point that I would mentally catalogue all the good and bad things as times of comfort vs discomfort.  At this point, I think we were pretty well in the even, but things were looking more on the worse side of the even.

Episode 4:  La La La La La Banya….  Daknack gets hot and bothered.

The night before I had slept very early again (around 6pm local time).  My lady was working until rather late, and the translator came and we went to the local farmers market.  Here… I had a FRIGGIN blast.  This was my second time walking out in the city and I resolved that I would learn how to do this and the city as a whole.  I despised this feeling of helplessness and inability to get to and from somewhere.  I suddenly realized some of the initial conflicts in RW-AM marriages here in the US.  No one likes those feelings.  I found a woman that spoke a small amount of English in the Farmers Market, and had a little talk with her.  It would not be my last with her either.  Ira arrive at noon and we had a brief discussion about the day before.  In short I said I think we both like each other, but that it was a bit uncomfortable.  She said that is to be expected somewhat as its not exactly the natural way of meeting someone.  Ira and I walked down the street and I did my best to take note of landmarks so I could find my way around.  I asked various questions and I walked around the market discussing various foods, a little about the banya, and of course my Lady.  We moved around what here would be a Farmers Market, but in Sochi it was the primary way of acquiring ones food.  The Butchers were really good at removing the fat from their meat, and I bought some beef, as well as some vegetables.  Ira bought some food as well, for the banya which surprised me.  Food at a pool or spa?  Wouldn’t fly here in the US.  I came to know the Market pretty well and it became a bit of my past time to come and visit when my Lady was at work. We left the Market and I relaxed before the Bayna.

Ira, and Zera (yes that’s the name of my Lady) came later that day in a cab, and off we were to the Banya.  We stopped briefly to buy some beer and to pick up a young man that helps Ira run the website and with computers named Dennese (I think a Russian variant of Dennis).  Dennese came so that the ratio of men to women with us would be even and the idea was so everyone felt more comfortable.  We came up a very long winding road up a mountain, and then disembarked.  Dennese and I went into one door to change and the women into another.  The changing rooms had a door opposite the ones we entered that led to the spa.

After Dennese and I had changed, we both seemed confused if we should go out the spa door or out the door we came in to wait for the women.  We settled on the door we came in at, looking for the women.  They poked their heads out at us and a man that worked for the Banya introduced himself as Igor.  He was a big guy, but not as big as I am with short cropped black hair and a face with a smile that came easy.  We shook hands and my first thought was “This is a pretty cool guy, he feels comfortable just walking up talking to people.”  Zera came out and said a few words to him and Igor waved as he walked to the back.  Finally we were all ready.  Armed only with a towel and a Banya hat (a generous gift of Elena) I went into the dryer Turkish sauna.

Now, to tell a little bit about Daknack.  Generally speaking the only time I like being “Hot” is in a hot tub, (though I like the desert and Vegas type weather).  Sweat, heat and such generally makes me miserable and unhappy.  I am usually hot where other people are freezing.  I will also say that I’ll never allow anyone to tell me Russians can tolerate more cold than Americans.  In my travels people were bundled up and I enjoyed walking about with only a light sports coat and light cotton shirt.  People always were asking me why I wasn’t bundled up and I would tell them “Americans blood run HOT!”.

So anyway, I go into this dry sauna and it is just the 4 of us.  I was feeling pretty damn hot, and started to sweat.  Though the sweat wasn’t too bad because it was dry heat.  After a time it was time to get into the water.  I was all in favor of this!  I love hot water.  I got in though, and it wasn’t that hot. In fact it was barely warm.  But I liked it more than sweating!   From there it was back into the Banya.  This time when we left I was HOT.  Next to the “hot” tub was a “cold” tub… and it was actually cold.  I jumped in the cold water and stayed in a little bit.  Everyone was amazed that I just got into the cold water so easily. What can I say… I’m hot blooded.

After that I got into the cool/warm water with everyone else.  After a few minutes it was time to eat.  We dried off, and headed to a room at the back playing Russian MTV (it had some American music too that come on time to time).  We all sat around laughing and talking.  Soon we were joined by Igor who came over had a drink and sat with us and had a cigarette and was hanging out with us.  Some people might have been annoyed, but I thought this was pretty cool.  I am the type of person that makes nice with bartenders, waitstaff, and pretty much anyone.  Hell I hang out at a local Outback and all the waitresses have drinks with me and my friends (sometimes even going out to a local Mexican place when they all get off work).  This made me like Igor even more than I already did.  I tend to like people that are socially comfortable.

As we talked, I came to find out that Zera was renting a room from with Igor’s family, and extended family.  The family runs a small bed and breakfast type inn in Adler outside of Sochi.

Igor told me he was going to give me the Russian Banya treatment!  So we all go back an everyone goes to the Turkish sauna, I though go with Igor to the Russian Banya.  Inside its hot… and humid too.  I laydown and Igor tosses more water in the rocks…. Great!  I needed to sweat more!  Hah hah!  So I lie down on my belly and he is wacking me with branches.  Hmm  I don’t mind a good spanking, but I usually like to be doing it and with a girl involved!  At any rate, it was a pretty good and relaxing time… but the hot wet branches made my skin feel like it was on fire.  At a certain point I just jump up yelling “HOT HOT HOT!!!”  Then I ran to the super cold spa and jumped in.  It was pretty damn cold, and things happen in a guy’s pants in cold water, but I didn’t care it felt too good.

After a few minutes I go back in the Banya where I get more branch treatment.  Wack Wack Wack.  Of course I am sweltering, then comes the inevitable “HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!”  This time Igor is expecting it and we run out together outside into the freezing cold and jump into the pool outside…  Holy hell guys it was cold!  Anyway after jumping in I climbed right back out.  Igor and I talked a little bit and we pantomimed a good bit.  I had a really good connection with Igor and even when he was trying to explain complex things, I seemed to have an instinctual knowledge of what he was trying to say.  He explained to me where he lived and pointed out where Adler was in relation to the surrounding areas.

We came back in, and had changed up, then we had a little more to eat, and relaxed a few minutes.  Igor then drove everyone home, and I was extended an invitation to stay with Igor his family and extended family and Zera.  I was told that the Banya would make me sleep well, but it wasn’t true!  I made me super active and I had to wind down to get to sleep.!

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Re: The Evil Empire Strikes Da Knack!
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2007, 09:04:32 AM »
Intermission:  Meanwhile back at DAKNACK cave…

Here is a place to talk about a few things that happened, that I am unsure exactly when in the story they take place.  The exact timeline is a little bit muddled, but they are nonetheless important.

One is the walking issue. If you recall, Zera walked very fast, and me very slow.  This fact caused our timing on walks to be way off.  This was corrected during a visit to a very small art museum.  A friend of Zera worked there, and we were to meet her and take a tour.  The first time (which I am certain was on Monday at some point during “Episode 3” during our walk) the place was closed, and the second time, I am not certain when it happened, but it was raining and resolved our walking issue.  Because of the rain, Zera and I snuggled under the umbrella as we walked.  Needless to say, I was suffering (NOT).  After this, there was no walking issue, and it helped to break a lot of the ice that there was then. 
When we got to the museum, not only did Zera’s friend take us to her office to talk, but several other women (all attractive too) came to talk with us all.  I really didn’t know what was being said but picked up words here and there.  They asked me if I was comfortable not knowing what they were saying, and I told them it didn’t really bother me.  We walked through the museum then returned to the office.  When we returned to the office we said goodbyes but Zera’s friend came with us to the café.  I really enjoyed talking to her a lot, and it helped I think as I was still at a awkward hump with Zera.  She was a very funny person, and mentioned that “ginger is good for you!”.  I explained that I liked ginger and both she and Zera laughed.  I didn’t understand the joke so I said that Zera should eat all her ginger since it was good for you.  They looked at each other grinning.  Zera’s friend explained to me that “Ginger is good for men.”  I explained that I agreed not yet getting the point.  That ginger helps settle the stomach and I often drink ginger ale for just such a reason.  They looked at each other slightly grinning and explained not for the stomach for men.  This time I got the reference as “Just for men”.  But of course they were being coy, and I wanted to get them to tell me exactly why ginger was good for men.  Zeras friend hemmed and hawed, but eventually she said “ginger is good only for men.  For making babies!”  I laughed pretty hard on that, and ginger because a minor running joke throughout my stay!

During this time, I talked a little too much to Zera’s friend and not to Zera, and her friend told me privately to include her more as Zera was getting bored.  I was good advice, and she was right, I was messing up a little and not focusing were I should.  But my greatest lesson would come later.

I know some will call this entry a cop out, but its important later on trust me.  Things were still a little distant at this point.  I will make a new entry tomorrow too to fill my obligation!

Episode 5    Adler Bound

The next morning, I wanted to get a gift wrapped, so Ira came over to take me to a place to get my gift wrapped.  As we walked, we discussed how things were going,  I told her that I thought things were going well, but that there was still too much push-pull.  Basically being pulled close but also to a measure at arms length.  She told me “yes, this is how Zera is in the beginning.  She is not yet comfortable it takes her a little time.”  We walked and discussed more, and I had my gift to her wrapped.  I was to go to Adler at 4 or 5 as a feast was being prepared for my arrival, and Zera was helping with the preparations.  I was also invited to stay the night in Adler.  I waited a good bit of time and I think this was the first day I went to the internet café.  I came back and around 4 or 5 a cab was called to take me to Adler.  The cab came, and although he didn’t speak a lick of English we got along well.  WE even got lost and had a decent time.  The driver pulled up along side this amazing looking redhead (the only one I think I saw during my time there that was a natural redhead with the pale type skin and freckles).  In fact, this may have been the most perfectly proportioned women I’ve ever seen in my life.  The driver looked at me, I looked at him, and he pulled over and asked her for directions.  As we pulled away he made the universal hand signal all men recognize.  The “woman hour glass” hand gesture.  I could only nod and smile totally agreeing!.  Truly amazing women there.  Finally we had to break down and call Zera for directions.  I was met about a block away from the house where Zera stayed by Zera, her friend Nadia and Nadia’s Daugher (and Zera’s god daughter) Polina.  Polina did NOT seem happy!  I was a big strange man and she did her best to avoid me when I tried to say hello hiding behind her mom.  I laughed.  Nadia spoke some English and was rather good at expressing herself.  Nadia helped a great deal with conversation, as did Zera, and Igor (who had a natural instinct for understanding what I ment to do and or say).  Nadia is married to Dima who is a small (by my standards everyone is small so probably medium sized to everyone else) guy that seems a bit stoic, but a good and serious man.  Nadia and Dima also have a son named Lera who is quite the mommas boy!  Nadia told me when he would whine for her “Only Mama!”  Then of course there is Igor and his wife Lena.  Lena is a very cute brunette with stunning blue eyes.  Then there was “Mamma” Nadia and Lena’s mother who was a woman that resembled an older version of Nadia with a ready smile (and makes a damn good chicken dish where there are apples stuffed in them.  Quite tasty!  Everyone went out of their way to make me feel at home

I was amazed at how friendly, and fun everyone was.  I truly had a fantastic time with them.  We all drank vodka and cognac.  The Russian men Dima and Igor told me that they liked me.  I was like Russian man and could hold my drink!  Generally that’s a pretty true.  We talked all day and night about the similarities and differences of our people.  I really felt at home, and included in all the conversation and activities even when they were speaking Russian.

I am sad though to find that since my visit that Igor and Lena are no longer together.  They remain friendly, but still, this type of thing always scares me.  No one ever wants divorce, and they seemed so in love while I was there.  I don’t know what happened, I am not sure I want to know.  But I can say it weights heavy on my heart to know.  Both are very good people and I enjoyed getting to know them both

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Re: The Evil Empire Strikes Da Knack!
« Reply #3 on: April 16, 2007, 08:12:44 PM »
Good report !
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Re: The Evil Empire Strikes Da Knack!
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yes a very good report. I think you did a great job describing things as well. Especially in the spa when he was whacking you with the branch.  :-* it almost felt as if i was there ! ouch.

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Re: The Evil Empire Strikes Da Knack!
« Reply #5 on: April 20, 2007, 08:38:43 PM »
Why do your trip reports always just STOP on all the Forums I have read. What the heck happend in the end?!?!? What's going on now? etc etc.

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Re: The Evil Empire Strikes Da Knack!
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Why do your trip reports always just STOP on all the Forums I have read. What the heck happend in the end?!?!? What's going on now? etc etc.

Da Nack, I followed a bunch of your posts and your trip report as well.

If it ended badly I am sorry, I really am.

If it ended in happiness then I am happy I really am.

If something happened, you could simply say hey guys something happened.
I have been rooting for (quietly) for you.

Take care,

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Re: The Evil Empire Strikes Da Knack!
« Reply #7 on: April 26, 2007, 05:45:49 AM »
I know DaKnack and I just think with his busy schedule there is just not much time to post. I am optimistic for the future. Sometimes silence can be a good thing.
One of these days, Alice. Pow! Zoom! To the moon.

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Re: The Evil Empire Strikes Da Knack!
« Reply #8 on: May 24, 2007, 06:23:35 PM »
Hey Knack this is third time on three different boards your story just stops. Can you help us out with an update bud?