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Author Topic: Looking for love abroad? The Discovery Network wants you!  (Read 10634 times)

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Re: Looking for love abroad? The Discovery Network wants you!
« Reply #50 on: December 13, 2013, 05:54:52 PM »
Andrew, as an example:

Similarly, if these folks coughed up some readies, they would have the definitive show on the subject. But guess what? It would be boring as hell, because you might as well call it "Some regular blokes who met some nice women and lived happy ever after". Special guest stars "Manny and his agreeable wife and sprogg", Chris and his agreeable wife and sprogg", "Sparky and his agreeable wife" and "Rosco and his agreeable wife".

They would fall asleep at the screen.

That's one reason, the second reason if they showed regular guys happily married
to thin FSUW women, without any harm or danger or evil taking place the feminists
would all have kittens. They would scream to the high heavens. Millions might see
the show.

Men are forbidden to marry non feminist sexy Russian women. They must marry
fat feminists, with lesbian hair cuts and be happy with them. If the average
British male got it into his head that he could marry a sexy Russian woman and
not risk having his organs harvested then what would happen to the saggy arsed
feminist English Girls?

The feminists can't allow a show giving British men an alternative even if it's
boring to see the light of day. The editor / producers would never air it.

The formula is set in stone.
All the men are losers or women beaters or both
All the women are scammers or desparate or both

All British men considering something like this will be scammed so
take your eyes off those Russian girls and be freaking happy ! 

FSUW are not for entry level daters. FSUW don't do vague FSUW like a man of action so be a man of action  If you find a promising girl, get your butt on a plane. There are a hundred ways to be successful and a thousand ways to f#ck it up
Kiss the girl, don't ask her first.
Get an apartment not a hotel. DON'T recycle girls

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Re: Looking for love abroad? The Discovery Network wants you!
« Reply #51 on: December 13, 2013, 09:47:12 PM »
My previous post was a quote from a documentarian. I forgot to add the quote function. Anyways.....opinions and tactics vary among producers,filmmakers,documentarians etc. 

In an area such as foreign dating/marriage it would only seem proper that some money changed hands.

 I would have no incentive to do so otherwise. Why be humiliated for free on TV?

 If I had something to sell and I thought it would be beneficial then I would consider it.....but otherwise not so much.  IMO...those that would do this free free I would consider "fame whores" and would do anything to be famous.

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Re: Looking for love abroad? The Discovery Network wants you!
« Reply #52 on: January 31, 2014, 06:19:56 PM »
I have never read or seen on tv anything in main stream media that put a favorable light on this. Most seem to find the creepiest guys they can and focus on them. It would be refreshing to see a documentary that actually showed some nice couples who met this way and maybe interview a couple who have been happily married.

I recently watched a good one that was very positive. I wish I could do a documentary but I live in Australia.

I tried looking for it but the youtube account got closed, this is the episode though: