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My time with Ms. Novosibirsk

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I have decided to document my time with Ms. Novosibirsk as a personal narrative that could be read, and hopefully enjoyed, by an audience beyond of this forum.  While comments and questions are welcome and may be responded to, I will present the narrative in the following format so that it can be easily identified as separate from any comments and responses.

So the little green airplane on the map is just flying past Philadelphia.  The flight from New York City to Salt Lake City is just under five hours but today Delta Airlines Flight 1768 is delayed over an hour.  I have been preparing since I left work today for her arrival.  I still have so much to do.  So much in fact that I have both time to kill and no time to waste.  I will shower and shave but where?  I have decided to get a room for her comfort.  Should I shower and shave here or there?  I will shower there!  And I will make it evident that I have showered there, like an animal marking their territory.  Should I be concerned that she may take offense at this?  No!  I will just do it without further consideration.

I have reserved a room at an Extended Stay America for two days.  I have made plans for us to travel on to the Grand Canyon on Friday so this will give her two days to rest and recover from her travel before we leave.  Then we will be staying in a tent for three nights.  This could be a real train wreck but it is the plan.  We will see how the next five days unfold before concerning ourselves with any further plans.  The shower and shave is long and hot.  It is a guilty pleasure of mine to be lavish with someone else's hot water on occasion.  Following the shower I relax on the bed and flip through the channels to discover there has been a recent shooting.  Commentators are discussing how this will effect second amendment rights.  Boring!  I continue to flip through the channels to find a newscast about Putin and Obama's response to the recent events in Syria.  It is interesting to me because it involves Putin.

I am not good at wasting time to I decide to go to Walmart to pick up a few items we will need for our journey to the Grand Canyon.  I could not find any of my camping gear among my storage of "stuff" so I ordered new sleeping bags, ground pads, backpacks, and a tent.  I tell myself these things will be useful this next summer when I start taking my daughters on backpacking trips this coming summer.  All of these items are scheduled to arrive tomorrow except for the tent.  It is back ordered but I found it in stock at another Walmart.  I decide to go there now to get it and some other supplies we will need.  I don't want to waste her time here with me doing things I can accomplish on my own before she arrives.  So I kick around the store as I gathering items I think we will need for our trip.  I look at my watch and am alarmed at the time.  I drop all of the items and rush out the door to my car and drive like a crazy Russian to the airport to get her.  Or course, as a precaution, I over estimate how long this will take and find myself with a long wait for her flight to arrive.

Glad you decided to post Ward.  I am interested to read how your experience unfolded. 

Ward, I look forward to reading this.

I also have found the placing in text in my TR in a different colour handy, some are challenged with the quoting on RUA, the different colour helps.

Curious did you misplace your swords and rapiers amongst your storage unit?

An hour seems like a long time to wait, especially for a someone like me.  I am reminded of how thankful I am to have finished my adolescence before terms such as ADHD and prescriptions for ritalin were so popular for children.  There is nothing wrong with having a mind that want to be actively engaged in things it finds interesting.  The airport is dead.  If only there were someone here to talk to, about something, anything.  The glass elevator is interesting.  You can see most all of its inner workings.  I look back to the opportunity to study engineering in college as a highlight of my life.  I spent nine years of my life in this environment.  Sometimes I am bothered that I make less money than some of my classmates who finished there undergraduate degree with me and never really mastered the concepts like I have.  But money has never really been an incentive for me.  I was taught to be responsible and frugal with money but my passions are for learning and experiencing new things.

I should be waiting on the lower level but I have a better view of inner workings of the elevator on the upper level where that passengers will be passing through the security check point.  I wonder if that security guard will make me go back downstairs.  I am the only one here.  Except for that rather large woman with dark skin and a cart full of luggage approaching.  I say hello to here and she responds with a thick accent that sounds familiar to me.  "Вы говорите па русскии?!"  She responds in the affirmative with far more information than I can comprehend.  "Я только немного понимаю русский."  She smiles.  "Это ваш чемодан?"  ... "Это ваш рюкзак?" ... "Где ваш билет?"  She is very patient and kind to let me practice my limited Russian with her.  I am fortunate to have learned a few travel related nouns this week in the Russian language class I am taking this semester at the local community college.  Her English is limited but I learn the she is waiting for her friend on the same flight.  Her friend soon arrives and I dismiss her with a polite До свидания and a smile.

Waiting.  Why does it sometimes seem like the closer you are to something the slower it approaches?  What if I have already missed her?  What if she passed by during my silly conversation with that woman about her luggage?  I think I would have recognized her but sometimes people look different in real life.  This whole thing has happened so fast.  It all started a just few weeks ago when I woke up to a message on Elena's Models from this tall, beautiful, red head.  It was only one word, "Hallo".  I responded to that message that morning with much appreciation, explaining how it was a pleasure to wake up to such a nice gesture.  It makes me smile to think of it now.

We were soon having chat and video discussions on Skype.  We were only a few lines into our first chat before she expressed interest in visiting me and telling my how much money it would cost.  My heart sank.  It is the classic scam, a Russian woman asking for money to come visit you.  I have been chasing this dream, if only in my mind, for years now.  The thought of marrying a beautiful Russian woman has consumed me since my divorce about seven years ago.  Except for the last year.  I started to doubt that it would ever happen.  Maybe it is really just a myth.  The thought of the wonderful women I have dismissed and the time I have wasted chasing a dream has lead to drinking far more that I would like to admit.  I am not proud of the man I have become over that last year.  Old, broken, depressed, unmotivated.  But the past few weeks have been like the beginning of a new life for me.  The cool, crisp morning air I breath as I go to the campus gym to workout is rejuvenating.  This routine before class each morning seems to be doing wonders for my elbow.  I carry a heavy weight in my left hand between reps and sets to stretch it out and extend my range of motion.  I refuse to accept anything short of a fully recovery from the accident and two surgeries last winter.

So I continued to chat with this red head from Elena's Models, asking about visas, time frames, etc.  Everything she said and everything I could find out about her on the internet was consistent.  So we made plans for the trip together and now I am here ... waiting for her now at the airport.  And there she is!  Ms. Novosibirsk!  She smiles and waves shyly as she passes though the security portal.  I smile, boldly approach and embrace her in my arms.  She is really here, now, with me!

Interesting read so far, waiting for the rest  :popcorn:  :popcorn:  :popcorn:


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