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« on: March 29, 2013, 08:33:47 AM »
Excerpt from the Moscow Times article

Voronezh: A Former Fortress That Keeps Bouncing Back

VORONEZH — When President Dmitry Medvedev appeared on television last November to speak about Russia's answer to the U.S. missile defense system, he proudly announced that a new early warning radar, called the Voronezh DM, would be located in Kaliningrad.

Voronezh locals said they were proud that the radar is named after their native city. But some also joked that it wouldn't help to attract many tourists to the city, once difficult for foreigners to access because of its integration into the country's military-industrial complex.

"The last thing that we want to do is to scare foreigners," one city official said.

The radar, built by a Moscow company, actually has nothing to do with Voronezh, a city of 980,000 inhabitants that still has several Soviet-era enterprises, including VASO, the aviation company that produced the Tu-144, the Soviet replica of the legendary Concorde supersonic jet. The only operational Tu-144 is stored in the city.

Read the entire article here:
The Moscow Times
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