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Rushing around in Russia

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This will definitely NOT be a trip report. I will try to post a few photos and some observations.


I have no idea how many hours I went without sleep. I went to bed at midnight in a
Bismarck hotel. I woke up at 4:00 am to catch a 6:00am flight. I don't sleep on planes
they simply don't make the seats for me.

21 hours later I arrive in Moscow. The girl I am going to meet and I find each other. We
wisk off on the metro, and buy a ticket to leave Moscow 7 hours later (the train ride is
only 11 hours  :sick0012:) then back on the Metro to arrive at Red Square.

I fuel up with a pot a chorniy chai (black tea) and I become a tourist.

Bill always good to see pictures :)

Joining you in the land of wonder on Friday  ;D


--- Quote from: 2tallbill on January 10, 2013, 12:13:52 AM ---Zombieland

--- End quote ---

Bill I hate to be negative, but in all the time I spent in Russia I never saw any zombies. Several guys that looked like they escaped from the set of 'Curse of the Mummy, but no zombies. Zombies would have made my time in Moscow so much more exciting.   :laugh:

Edit: Now that's unfair you go and modify your post after I posted my reply.  ;D


NOTE the woman in the photo was an innocent bystander and not part of my Rushing
around Russia. 


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