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Hey folks,

I am a new guy to the site as of today and since I have been here I have read a lot of great information. Unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of time to research all the information available here. I consider myself fairly serious since I have already traveled to the Ukraine twice and will be going again soon. I have been using Anastasia previously, but it is hard since they have less than a shining reputation. I had a good time on both of my previous adventures, but I need a site where I can increase my odds. Any help appreciated. 


You need to decide which approach is best for you.

There is the Write One Visit One and the Write Many and Visit Many, do this solo or with a winger.

I would read some of the threads and figure what feels comfortable for you. I would ask and answer for your self about your motives and needs. I would listen and consider all the advice even if it wacky.

As for actual sites, I would go with a site such as Love Planet or Mamba, both are free. Both are Russian facing but Mamba has a wider array of different sorts of profiles. You can also join a pay site such as Planet Love Match or A Foreign Affair, as examples, but there are precious few guarantees in my opinion. A few members have had success with Elena's Models but like everything in life there are no guarantee's.

So enjoy your endeavour and bring good luck it sure helps.


I'm pretty much an adventurer. My first two trips were solo and very educational. Fortunately, I can get there fairly frequently because I am an airline pilot and don't buy tickets, and I speak enough Russian to get around by myself.

it's difficult to find a honest and good site i used many which were not scam but without any concrete result. Ukraine Date is OK.


Welcome to RUA!

It would interesting to everyone everyone here if you introduced your self and shared you expierence.



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