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Russian Famine of 1921: Photos Not for the Squeamish

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It's good that your grandmother told you what happened.  Inevitably there will be those who deny what happened in those days.  It's good to be able to say that you heard all these details from your grandmother who lived through them.

It's disgusting that a number of prominent Westerners defended Stalin even after news of his crimes came out. 

There is a book about the millions of deaths caused by Stalin's forced collectivization.  It's called "Harvest of Sorrow", written by Robert Conquest.  I haven't read it but I have read two of his other books about events in the USSR: "The Great Terror" and "Stalin and the Kirov Murder"; both were well-written and well-documented.

Harvest of Despair [Soviet Engineered Famine in the Ukraine,1933]!

It is shocking that the famine was virtually engineered - there was enough to feed people but instead it was taken and sold for foreign exchange. 


I have a book with photos from the Great Famine in the USSR in the 1920s.  It makes the Donner Party episode look like a walk in the park.   :o :scared0005: :sick0012: :rolleye0009:


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