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How to buy train tickets in Ukraine online

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Hi everyone! I have posted very detailed step-by-step instructions with pictures to help all travellers to buy train tickets around Ukraine online. Here is a link


Alex, really enjoyed the site as you've put a lot into it and have done a good job in making it understandable for travelers who don't read Ukrainian.

Do you plan to do the same using Russian language?

that's probably a good idea to make Russian interface for it...

There are many sites in English to buy tickets for trains in Ukraine in English!! Including the site mentioned, the Ukraine government site is in English for reading and purchasing, this site was updated for the 2012 football matches in Poland and Ukraine  State Administration of Railway Transport of Ukraine  for ticket purchasing full english interface  russian railsway site with full english interface

their new version of the website is only in test mode now, and you can do nothing there, I am pretty sure they will give up and return new interface...


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