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Crimea - Крым - Крим - Tauric - Крымский полуостров - Кримський півострів

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Now in Rossiya.

It is pronounced with a hard R. Here it is pronounced several times (sorry she speaks too fast):


I pronounce it 'Liebensraum' ;)

Крым = Krim. This is the nominative or dictionary form. As Belle said, accent the p (the letter "r").

Grammatically, Krim is an irregular noun when making case changes.

When speaking of a location the letter e (ye) is added to the end of a noun, Крыме, as in О Крыме (about Krim). The e (ye) ending on Krim is placed when speaking "where" which is the prepositional case. Noun endings change with usage and this is how we go from Moskva to Moskve when speaking of Moscow as a destination/location.

One of the more common uses you'll hear in news reports, etc, is в Крыму (Kri-mu) meaning "in Crimea." That is an example of what is called the second prepositional case and the y (sounds like cross between ooh and u) is stressed. The y (u) ending on these nouns come into play when the subject is  в 'in' and на 'on' a location and they're sometimes called the locative case.

Thank you


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