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My Next Adventure in Ukraine!

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Well guys I am off on my latest adventure next week to Ukraine. I am meeting my lady in Kiev where we shall spend four days (and I am also meeting a couple of guys from RMP and their GF's next Sunday in Kiev - more here) then my lady has got us flight tickets to fly down to her city Chernivsti in Western Ukraine on the Monday where she has also got an apartment booked for the two of us. Sounds like a good one too, the block has its own swimming pool, that'll be a first

I am hoping this one will be 'THE' one, I have said that before, but this time it feels so much better than anytime before. When guys have said in the past you will know when you find the 'right' one it is sometimes hard to understand what they mean, I thought myself I wonder if I will ever feel that, but I think I know what they mean now, this time it does just feel so right! and is a million times better than when I have gone over to the FSU before, this time I really feel I have something solid to go for. Time will tell of course, but as I have said recently, if this one isn't 'the' one, I am going to become celibate and join a monastary, because I really feel it would be hard to find someone better suited to me than this lady.

So if anyone is in Kiev next Sunday 7th October and they feel like meeting up with us and the other guys and their GF's, give me a shout.


hey chris
wish you luck mate
beleive us you will know

Coding Wizard:
Good luck, bud, but, if I may ask, have you kept an eye out for local women as well? To keep your options open? I'm asking, so I can compare what I do with others, to give me a better perspective.

Good luck chris, have fun in Kyiv.

Thanks guys, your good wishes are appreciated  :)


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