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Hello everyone,

I have another question to ask.
This time I was wondering  Is it cheaper to stay in a hotel or rent an apartment if I am planing on staying a week in Kiev, Ukraine.



I'd go apartment, but not just because of the price, it usually makes the ladies feel more comfortable.

I like working with Pavel

I've always considered his prices fair for the quality of service that I've received.

In Kiev I would go apartment, as the cleaning service is close to hotel and you have more privacy.
If you are able to use Google search for apartment Kiev and you will come up with enough hits to make you happy. Mostly apartments are rented out by agents, you will find the same apartment offered at different prices. It pays to shop around.
If in any doubt, ask your woman to visit the office or call them.

I would echo what the guys have said also, I have always rented an apartment in both Ukraine and Russia, never had any problems, they are cheaper and more flexible also.

But as they say, shop around the apartments you find are usually rented by a number of different companies/agencies and prices can be a lot different from one to another.

Yeah I was thinking apartments because i have heard of some scary story's about hotels mistreating your lady's because they think they are hookers.
I also was thinking apartment because as you said above it feels more comfortable to them. How secure do you think the apartments are though?



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