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Author Topic: What's Your Sponsership Experience Been ?  (Read 1692 times)

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What's Your Sponsership Experience Been ?
« on: April 19, 2007, 03:21:08 PM »
  Lately I have been gathering information on the sponsorship for your spouse to Canada. For me it's a bit of wishful thinking  ;D however , I thought I should get the latest incase I enter into the zone of government bureaucratise. 
 I just got of the phone with Canadian Immigration and Citzenship , CIC for short.

  I also have been in touch with a man from the deep south USA,who is getting his papers all done, to bring his bride to be home later this year.  This is what partly got me wanting to know the process better,and how it differs from Canada and the states.
  After the US process was told to me ,I am now realising that just  maybe Canada's system is alot easier.   
 Some of the differences are,is that Canada does not have a income requirement to bring a spouse back. Quebec does. CIC told me that it would only be a issue if one was on welfare,than it may be a problem ( as I would hope).  I also called twice to see if their stories matched ,and they did. The first time the guy told me they wouldn't keep you from being with your wife or child,just because you didn't earn enough.
 There is only a interview if there's maybe some inconsistency's in the paper work. Or if they suspect the marriage is not genuine. Other than that, she sends her papers to the embassy in her country of residence, while mine stay in Canada.
  My papers are looked over,and than they tell me if I am approved to sponser,they say it takes 32 days for that answer.
 However from the other end in eastern Europe that's where the slow down happens. Moscow is slightly faster than Kiev,while Vienna is a 1/4 of the time :( Majority of the cases are 6 months from what she told me. CIC also pointed out there is usually a number of mistakes in her end of the paper process. Missing or incorrect documents,and that's why it takes that much longer.

 I've read other stories of this process,however they were done a year or more ago,so I'm curious to know if it's gotten any faster,or if the CIC woman made it all sound just too good.  I'm siding with sounding too good. ;)

 So how does your story of the process compare to what I have been told ?
I'm curious to know the timelines from other countries as well.



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Re: What's Your Sponsership Experience Been ?
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2007, 07:53:16 AM »
Hmm... the only thing is know is how to fill out the I-134 form and get it notarized and that's about it.  ;D
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