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Singer/Band/Group and page number

Directory A-D
A-studio (А Студио), 5
Alina Safiullina (Алина Сафиуллина), 14
Alla Borisovna Pugachova (Алла Борисовна Пугачёва), 4 
Alexander Malinin, 2
Alexander Novikov (Александр Новиков), 11
Alsou, 15
Anatoly Korzh (Анатолий Корж), 13
Andrei Gubin (Андрей Губин), 10
Ani Lorak (Ані Лорак), 13, 14
Anna Snatkina (Анна  Снаткина), 15
Anton Makarsky (Антон Макарский), 12
Arsen Petrosov (Арсен Петросов), 11
Abraam Rucco & Kristina Orbakaite (Авраам Руссо и Кристина Орбакайте), 10
Ayari (Аыари--Kazakh), 11
Aza Bataeva (Аза Батаева), 4
Balalaika music, 2
Byanka (Бьянка), 8-9
Chaif (Чайф), 13
Diana Tazhetdinova (Диана Тажетдинова), 15
Dima Bilan (Дима Билан), 9
Dmitri Hvorostovsky (Дмитрий Хворостовский), 3
Dmitri Malikov (Дмитрий Маликов), 8 & 14
Dolphin (Дельфин), 12

Directory E-I
Elena Terleeva (Елена Терлеева), 13
Eugeniya Vlasova (Євгенія Власова), 12
Fabrika (Фабрика), 1 & 16
Folk songs, 2
Guzel Urazova (Гузель Уразова), 15
Irina Bilyk (Ирина Билык), 5
Irina Bogushevskaya (Ирина Богушевская), 17
Irina Krug (Ирина Круг), 11
Irina Malikova (Инна Маликова), 8
Irina Saltikova (Ирина Салтыкова), 4
Nepara (Непара), 10

Directory J-O
Jasmin (Жасмин), 10
Julia Nachalova (Юлия Началова), 10
Julia Savicheva (Юля Савичева), 6 & 11
Katya Lel (Катя Лель), 10
Lola Akhmedova (Лола Ахмедова), 9
Kristina Orbakaite & Abraam Rucco (Авраам Руссо и Кристина Орбакайте), 10
Lana (Лана--Kazakh), 12
Larisa Dolina (Ларисы Долинa), 4
Leonid Utyosov (Леонид Осипович Утёсов), 3
Lera Masskva (Лера Массква), 10
Lisa Monde (Лиза Монд), 5
Maxim (Максим), 8
Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovich (Моде́ст Петро́вич Му́соргский), 9
Muslim Magomayev (Муслим Магомаев), 5
Nadezhda Babkina (Надежда Бабкина), 4
Natali Oblaka (Natali Oblaka (Натали Облака), 4
Natalya Podolskaya (Наталья Подольская), 8
Nepara (Непара), 11
Nikolai Baskov (Николай Басков), 8
Nikolai Myaskovsk (Николай Яковлевич Мясковский), 13
Nikolai Noskov (Николай Носков), 4
Non-Stop, 3
Olga Orlova (Ольга Орлова), 10
Orthodox Church music, 1
Orthodox radio online, 2

Directory P-T
Planka (Планка), 11
Pyotr (Peter) Ilyich Tchaikovsky (Пётр Ильич Чайкoвский), 5
Philip Kirkorov (Филип Киркоров), 3
Propoganda (Пропаганда), 11
Raimond Pauls (Раймонд Паулс), 11
Ranetka (Ранетка), 9
Reflex, 2
Rock Groups, various, 3
Ruslan Sharipov (Руслан Шапиров), 9
Ruslana (Руслана), 14
Russian Romance (as a style), 5
Serebro (Серебро), 8
Sergei Nagovicin (Сергей Наговицын), 4
Sergey Penkin (Сергей Пенкин), 3
Sergey Zhukov (Сергей Жуков), 10
Setora (Сетора), 8
Siddharta, 1
Simply Red (songs about Russia), 1
Slot (Слот), 3 & 9
Sogdiana (Согдиана), 8
Spleen (Сплин), 13
Stas Pekha (Стас Пьеха), 14
Swing/Lindy Hop, 5
Tat'yana Ivanovna Bulanova (Татьяна Ивановна Буланова), 12
Tina Karol, 14
Tuana Altunbashian (Тюана Алтунбашиан), 11

Directory U-Z
UMA2RMAH (Уматурман), 13
Valeriya (Валерия), 12, 14
Valeriy Leontev (Валерий Леонтьев), 11
Valeriy Meladze (Валерий Шотаевич Меладзе), 5 
Varvara (Варвара), 12
Victoria/Viktoriya Daineko (Виктория Дайнеко), 8
Vitas (Витас), 6, 7
Vladimir Horowitz (Владимир Самойлович Горовиц), 3
Vera Brezhneva (Вера Брежнева), 13
Vladimir Spivakov (Владимир Спиваков), 12
Wedding songs, 2
Wedding videos, 3
Yeliana, 16
Yulia Nachalova (Юлия Началова), 10
Yulia Savicheva (Юля Савичева), 6 & 11
Yuri Antonov (Юрий Антонов), 2 & 3
Yuri Bashment & the Moscow Solists, 11-12
Zara (зара), 8
Zhanna Friske (Жанна Фриске), 8

- Chechen Music / Music of Chechnya
- Russian National Anthem
- Marina Tsvetaeva (Мари́на Ива́новна Цвета́ева), Russian poet, 10
- Reggae in Russia, 9
- Songs from the Great Patriotic War, 11
- USA Jazz/Saxaphone in Tatarstan, 14
- Uzbek music, 8

- Artists with tranliterated first names are generally listed under the English transliteration. For example, Yulia is listed as Julia to conform to the English companion of the Russian alphabet and pronunciation...but for clarity some are listed under both letters.

- Classical composers and performers have been listed by last name first, then the first names as generally they are known by their family names.

Editors/Moderators note:  We have moved the Jasmin feature to page 10 in order to develop an artist directory on the opening page.

--- Quote from: mendeleyev on September 25, 2007, 12:38:50 AM ---Would it be of interest to our members to post our favourite Russian/Ukrainian/Baltic music artists and performers and provide links to enjoy these performances?

This post will share a little of the music of Жасмин ("Jasmine") a delightful pop artist.  She is very "easy on the eyes" and her voice is lovely also.
--- End quote ---

Hi Mendeleev,

I thought by having a brief look at Jasmin's hair colour, nose form and butt size such an expert as you would immediately guess that she is as far from being Russian as possible!

Actually Jasmin's real name is Sara Semendueva, and she is from a very specific and closed ethnic group called таты (горские евреи).

You can read about the history of this nation here:

Men from this ethnic group always tend to marry girls from the same ethnic group as well; so now as some clans have moved to Moscow, to Izrael and even to USA, men tend to return to a few "non-spoiled" villages on the North Caucasus to get brides from there.

Marriages pre-arranged by parents are a rule there. Parents - before giving their consent to the groom - are studying the story of his family as deep as they can, but min. 3 generations back. The groom is allowed to ask for girl's hand 3 times; if he gets 3 refusals, then he has to look for another bride.

Girls are not allowed to have Uni degrees; and they can go to only 2 types of ПТУ located in the villages where таты live: pedagogical and medical (as the knowledge in those two areas would help them to raise their children...). They live with their parents until marriage; and of course virginity is a must to get married.

Last year all the "yellow press" was full of the stories of Jasmine's divorce; pity very few people know the REAL story of her engagement and marriage, which is worth a book itself...

Olga, thanks for the info.  I'm far from an expert but do enjoy learning so thank you for the excellent info!

It does not matter to me whether she is ethnic Russian, the fact that she sings in Russian and is popular in the Russian market is enough for me to enjoy her music. 

Olga, who are some of your favourites? 


--- Quote from: mendeleyev on September 25, 2007, 09:18:11 AM ---Olga, who are some of your favourites?  
--- End quote ---

Mine?  ::)  :party0011:  :party0011:

Here is some Russian Orthodox music:

One instrument is allowed a part of the church life.  Always located outside the sanctuary inside, are the bells:

The ringing of Bells has historical significance in Russian churches.  These bells are rung before certain services and at specific times, near the Holy Communion, in the liturgy.
Some of the most beautiful bells!  Outside of Moscow lies the former summer home to the Tsars.  Ascension Church at Kolomenskoye has a team of monks who specialize in playing the bells.

Combined womens/mens Orthodox choir sing hymn to the Theotokos (Virgin Mary).


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