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Care to clue in a TV researcher from The Estrogen Channel?

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I get contacted by various media types from time to time. I usually Google them to be sure they are real, most are as this one is. I was contacted today by a researcher from this TV show:

The Wikipedia entry on the channel tells us this:

--- Quote ---Because of the obvious feminine slant to the network's programming, Lifetime is often jokingly referred to as The Estrogen Channel,[citation needed] or "Wifetime" and many criticize the network's over-reliance on formulaic made for TV movies, including the "women in jeopardy" or "woman scorned" theme common on films produced by the network, archived product which aired on the major networks in the 1980s and 1990s, and outside producers airing their work on the network. Other comedy programs have satirized Lifetime's sometimes sentimental programming. Family Guy once parodied their slogan, making it Lifetime: Television for Idiots, and in an episode had one of the main characters make a Lifetime-like film which oversimplified those themes, along with a film starring Valerie Bertinelli, called "Men are Terrible and Will Hurt You Because This is Lifetime".
--- End quote ---

Here are the questions I was asked:

1. Would you know if the mail order brides get paid for their "job?"  From what i've researched, they do not but we wanted to make sure. 

2. Do these women owe the company money that they need to pay back which requires them to stay with the guy in US for any length of time? And if so how long? 

3. Might you have any idea how exactly mail order bride companies vette the women they put on their website?

4. And finally are these international match making websites credible, legal and on the up and up (from an American business standard) or are most run out of a shady apartment abroad? I would venture to guess there are some legit companies and some illegitimate, but would love your opinion.

Due to the nature of questions 1 and 2 in particular, on this occasion, I thought I might put these questions out to the membership for reply. I will link the researcher to the topic in a couple of days.  tiphat



Apparently you missed that Jon (the researcher) has already posted these questions and has gotten some responses already.


--- Quote from: dbneeley on December 22, 2010, 03:50:39 AM ---

Apparently you missed that Jon (the researcher) has already posted these questions and has gotten some responses already.

--- End quote ---

ohhhhh yes he is being clued in with the big "sarky" hat on

I had missed that indeed. Thanks chaps. He's all yours.  tiphat

I have to say that having read the other thread that the tone of the posting seems very defensive. The truth is that one might be best served by dealing with his points. The questions that he asks are worthy of respectful consideration if for no other reason than they are questions asked by many, many people and reflect attitudes very common among those looking in on the MOB business.
As a side point, it'd be hard to argue that some women are NOT paid for their services in the MOB business and it'd be hard to argue that some women are not trafficked, with or without consent, under the guise of marriage. It'd make more sense to deal with these topics in the specific context of this little niche business as compared to other niches of this business where circumstances might well be different, albeit looking similar to outsiders.


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