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Flower delivery in Russia and Ukraine.

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Below are a few posts we collated from different threads detailing flower delivery services that either people have used or services offered by contributing members here.

Has anyone used Flowers to Russia 

About two weeks ago I placed an order with them for delivery of a big bunch of flowers in a glass vase to my lady in Chernivsty. They were supposed to be delivered yesterday her birthday.  :)

At 10pm her time last night they had still not been delivered, so I fired off a complaint direct to their office asking for an explanation and a refund. I was not happy, >:(  but to give them their due, they replied within an hour and said they would look into it.

This morning when I logged in to my emails I had two more emails from them saying it was the local florist that was at fault as they had not carried out the order, so I told them that was not my concern and I wanted a full refund, they replied again within a about 20 minutes saying they would give me a full refund and also deliver to my lady a complimentary bouquet. I agreed and told them I expected the flowers to be delivered today, even though a day late and a full refund within 48 hours.

About an hour later they emailed me confirmation of my refund, and tonight they delivered a complimentary bouquet, ok they are not what I ordered, but my lady was happy and understood and I got extra brownie points for effort from her :)

So although they messed up, I have to say that their customer service in trying to rectify the situation was excellent.

Just thought I would pass that on to others as they deliver to most cities in the Ukraine, Russia and Belarus and most of the Stans, etc

I have always used

No bad experiences so far!

I always use my own people.  Next time you need flowers delivered in Chernivsty holler at me.  I think a "local florist" only cares about getting the flowers to an address. We deliver the flowers as well and a card from the guy, will take the ladies photo if she allows us, but we also look around, that a boyfriend in the flat with her?  Maybe her husband!  Is she living at home with mom and dad as the client thinks, or what?

We approach every flower delivery as a representative of our client and checking out the surroundings as much as possible. If the lady is not home, we talk to the neighbors, ask questions (not your typical local florist).  Now for any guys who has been to his ladies flat, knows she is on the up and up, this is not such a big deal but I think probably over 85% of our flower deliveries are to locations the client has never been to.

Hi Jack!  Nice to see you here.  I've think we've used FlowersToRussia a few times and had excellent service.  I've had very good luck with which is also the same system as   Is is just my imagination or are these guys all related or on the same delivery system?  Had a few experiences like described earlier and Russianflora was very quick to respond with refunds, free flowers or additional services for free.  When it comes to cakes, fruit baskets and champagne it seems to me that they are more reasonably priced that some of the other services at least in the Moscow area.

I'm sure that each of us would agree that the best kind of delivery is to deliver them personally!  But it's nice to have dependable services for those times when we can't be there.   It's helped score points to make certain to remember my MIL's birthday and major holidays with flowers and/or cakes and champagne.  Sure they have been I felt like delivering an even 12 Yellow roses, but then regained my sanity and passed on such an urge.   :smokin:


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