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Author Topic: Spain, January 2010  (Read 8024 times)

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Re: Spain, January 2010
« Reply #25 on: March 31, 2010, 06:02:12 PM »

Ms Mouse it's Alhambra  :-)  and you gotta see it...

The name is Arabic - and in Arabic "al" is an article  :biggrin:


Ok, I got a way off topic question for our resident linguist. Mexico is the
country to the South of the USA and they call it Meh-hee-co which is what it
is in Spanish, but in English we call it Mexico because that is what it is called
in English.

Further more My name is Bill which in Russian I argue should be spelled
Былл but I am told that I am most definitely wrong and it should be spelled Билл

Ok, so why
1. Al Hambra which hasn't been under Arabic control in a very long time is
not Alhambra ?
2. Why is Bill not spelled Былл ? after all you can use heels to walk up hills?

** Mods if Ms Mouse finds the time to answer my off topic questions feel free to
move this into one of the language sections.
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Re: Spain, January 2010
« Reply #26 on: April 08, 2010, 09:10:24 PM »

They call it Mexico, because that is the closest pronunciation of the tribal culture for those people mistakenly called, 'Aztec.'  Their culture was called 'Mexica' and their tribe was called 'Tenochca'.

And in Spanish, 'x' is an aspirated 'eckkhs'.  And in English there is no equivalent.  Since there is no equivalent, many people mispronounce it.  By mispronouncing it, they often come close to a 'meh-hee-koh' rather than Mexico. 

As far as Al Hambra and Beeell, you are on your own.