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Author Topic: Meet The Staff  (Read 5402 times)

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Meet The Staff
« on: May 01, 2008, 06:23:41 PM »
On any forum its nice to know who is who amongst the staff. On RUA we don't subscribe to the anonymous "Moderator1" and "Moderator2" nonesense you may find elsewhere. Here we like folk to know who is who. Guests and new members sometimes have difficulty sorting the wheat from the chaff on a forum. This post is here to give members a point of contact for Mods and Admins and assist our many reading guests and existing members to determine that our staff actually do have the T-shirt in the Russian/Ukrainian Women adventure.

On other forums, apart from anonymous Moderators, staff often have 'Topic Specialists', 'SuperMods', 'Global Moderator' or other confusing titles by their name, whose role can often be unclear. At RUA, although Moderators may have primary responsibility for particular room/s, they are able to moderate in any room in the absence of the room Moderator if the need arises. This helps keep the forum clean in the event of spammers or other undesirable actions by the unscrupulous, and allows us to cater to our worldwide membership 24/7.

If you see a problem on the forum, it is always best to use the 'report post' button, that way your message automatically goes to a special area and the first Moderator who sees it can deal with it. With any general issue, you can PM the room Moderator or any Admin/Moderator if you prefer. If you have a technical issue, you may want to PM one of the techs directly.

So who are the staff at RUA?

Manny - Administrator/Moderator - Married to a Russian lady.
Chris - Administrator/Moderator - Married to a Ukrainian lady.
Leslied - Administrator/Moderator - Married to a lady from the FSU.
Ladagirl - Moderator - Married to Manny.
Shakespear - Moderator - Divorced from several Russian women.
B.B. - Moderator - Won't be pinned down to one woman yet! 
Sparky114 - Moderator - Married to a lady from Russia.
Greyscales - Tech - Married to a lady from Russia.
Herrie - Tech/Mod - Married to a lady from Russia.

All Moderators/Admins here are also members. As such, they are free to participate in any discussion as any other member, even if controversial or heated. A Moderator will not moderate in a controversial topic he/she is participating in for obvious reasons.

In the event of a problem accessing your account, or an unreceived activation e-mail or any other problem preventing you from accessing the forum, you may contact us at: forumadmin (at) ruadventures (dot) com and we will fix it for you.
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