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Hello all, Steve here

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Hello everyone. 

My name is Steve, and I live in the Boston area.  Earlier this year I started looking for meeting a FSU woman after being disappointed with the regular and online dating scene here in the US.  I used a single payment membership site and met someone from Ukraine.  I have already visited her and we are now engaged.

I am joining this forum to discover more about Ukraine and other things:  immigration (K1 visa), travel, long distance relationship, learning Russian/Ukraine, and possibly move to Ukraine for retirement in the future.

Oh, fyi, I am 49 and my fiance is 40. 

Hi Steve, Welcome to RUA.

Ask questions regarding all things related to the former Soviet Union and there will be answers. Some might be quite divergent opinions because there is wide range of thinking. It would be worth exploring the threads and find things that can assist you.

Figure out what is best for your circumstances.


Welcome Steve. Tell us your story.


--- Quote from: Steamer on August 11, 2018, 07:01:57 PM ---Welcome Steve. Tell us your story.

--- End quote ---

Story as in a trip report or story of my background and/or how I met my fiance?

Hello Steve

and welcome to RUA.

Start your own Thread and start writing about everything you think you can.

We all enjoy reading travel reports and of course if you ask questions you will always get various answers as some of us have travelled there many times.

You can always post photos and you can use your post, like most of us a a diary for later to remember...

good luck


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