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Author Topic: The Putin Thread  (Read 208 times)

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The Putin Thread
« on: October 20, 2017, 03:50:01 AM »

I found this:

Why is Vladimir Putin so soft spoken?
Dima Vorobiev

Dima Vorobiev, I worked for Soviet propaganda

Putin is a very soft-spoken man for two significant reasons.

He is not naturally predisposed to growling and shouting. His natural voice is quite high-pitched. A loud voice would exacerbate it, and detract from his image as a strong, confident statesman. That’s why he avoids speaking at open-air rallies whenever he can: the setting requires to go up at least half an octave.

He is trained to speak softly. Spies and secret police operatives almost never raise their voices. Their profession requires blending with the environment, and loud noises do not help with that. If you hear one of these people shout, it means only one thing: he lost control. The man is hurting, or cornered. Spies know that. They use high voice very judiciously.

People who have observed Putin, noticed three tools that Putin employs instead in order to project authority and appear threatening:

He drops his voice, and speaks in very short sentences. (One of the worst thing that is rumored to be heard from him is “Nyé nádo mnyé vrat” (stop lying to me).

He directs his face right on the hostile object, lowers his head and directs an unblinking, blank-faced stare (the “cornered-rat stance”). Funnily, when Putin’s scowling, it signals lesser threat than his signature deadpan.

He bares his teeth when speaking.

Like many successful secret operatives, Putin has a very well-developed self-awareness. With it comes a profound self-discipline, honed throughout years and decades being submerged in the twilight world of spying and high-level politics. Therefore, if and when you hear Putin shout—very, very unlikely—be sure of the omen: the end is near.