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Author Topic: Online TEFL course vs. Class TEFL course?  (Read 1620 times)

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Re: Online TEFL course vs. Class TEFL course?
« Reply #30 on: September 27, 2017, 01:43:32 AM »
I saw online that there are online TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) courses that cost less than the actual class courses. This would allow m to leave the US even soon and allow me to earn money working while I take the course. However, my concern is that will these online TEFL graduates be recognized in Russian English Schools or other Russian TEFL places of employment?

I am an American living in a city of 143,000 here in the Respublika of Mari-El. I am retired but came out of retirement after some private English schools found out about me through immigration. I am the only native American speaker here. Many young adults here speak English but with a strong accent and these schools are clamouring for these talents. I started out just heading an English discussion group on Saturdays and things grew from there. Within a short time, I earned a certificate in pronunciation and accent reduction. Then earned another one in teaching TOEFL, IELTS and TOEIC exams. I now have 31 students weekly and get paid under the table by the owner of the school. I also have private students on the side and one business I teach at. I make a good tidy sum every month and without the TEFL.

1) Forget the TEFL they will just say "That's nice". You will never earn back what you spent on obtaining the TEFL.

2) Forget working at any government schools. Pay is lousy "IF" you get paid at all !

3) The only certification that carries any weight is the TKT 1,2,3 from Cambridge English and you don't even need that!

4)  You darn well better learn the language well as that alone will open many doors for you. Plus, you need it anyway to take the language test, history, and law test.

5) Lots of benefits included like: Getting to hang out with incredible looking ladies, getting invited to parties, free trips, teaching very intelligent people who look up to you, and yes you will have the chance of getting laid on occasion.

Just do it but plan wisely!