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Author Topic: Trips abroad with FSU ladies - before you are legally hitched - issues  (Read 780 times)

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SC adores Thailand when the Black Sea Coast is not suitable for sunbathing

I have a annual trip policy for health cover when abroad - but I am clueless about buying GOOD insurance for a non UK / non UK resident national - we aren't married, yet.

She has a policy with her bank - but the level of cover doesn't seem as good as mine and I couldn't find one that covered her when she extended her stay by another 15 days .. 'cover only valid before travel' ?

Where we rented am apartment - her neighbours - a family of 4 - Grandma, Ma, Pa and 4 yr old kid - have just endured a tragedy. Dad fell off the back of a Tuk Tuk ... a pickup converted into a Taxi - and has been in a coma for 2 weeks. It is costing 12, 000 USD / day in Intensive care - that's cheap,  compared to the US/ UK - apparently and his initial brain op cost 70K USD.

Grandma and sprog are back in Siberia and Ma was informed that there was no chance of recovery and the Doctors advised her to agree to turn off the kit keeping him alive.

Getting hubbies body back will cost another 5k USD

Luckily, as I understand it - hubby's firm is footing the bill, up to 220K USD. Otherwise Ma would have trouble leaving

I'm asking if anyone knows of a firm that will cover someone already abroad ?