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Author Topic: Did Clinton Lose The Election Because She Campaigned On The Wrong Platform?  (Read 296 times)

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I think that pretty much anyone, including those who, in general, support the Democrats, would have to agree that Clinton was a supremely terrible candidate.

For sure, I am of the opinion that had the Democrats fielded a halfway decent candidate then the presidency would, today, be Democrat.

I was reading a paper about the election, and more specifically about just how the Clinton campaign blew its opportunity.
Commentary here:
Paper here:

I was one of those who understood that national advertising was, in this campaign, moving toward the passe. Trump was demonstrating that mass media advertising was no longer the be all and end all of campaign communication. However, what the advertising did show us was just how the candidates were relating to the electorate.

Clinton made the mistake of focusing upon attacks upon Trump, doing so to a much greater degree than had occurred in previous campaigns. Trump campaigned to a much, much larger degree on the issues, bot promoting his policies and arguing against Clinton's policy proposals.

A point made in the commentary was that the Clinton campaign may have mistakenly been going for the man and nt the ball on the basis that they were winning the polls and expecting to win. They thought they had the right message and were promoting in the right markets.

Given that we know the polling was purposefully unrepresentative, using simple mechanisms to rig the outcomes of polling such as over representation of chosen groups, is it possible that Team CLinton were unaware of the rigging going on? Did they make foolish mistakes (as they did) on the basis of their not understanding the basics of polling and not having the skills to interrogate the raw data available to them?

On the other hand we do know that Team Trump was aware of the rigging and ths were in a position to rework the samples to obtain more meaningful insights.

Is it possible that the election was blown, in part at least, because Team Clinton did not understand how to run SPSS? (

I don't know about the United States, but over here SPSS and similar tools, are basic for students in social, business and economics fields. One does not get to graduate without being able to use such statistical analysis tools. Is it possible that Team Clinton was let down by a lack of education?
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