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Author Topic: How You Can Help The Rural Estonian Countryside  (Read 1141 times)

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How You Can Help The Rural Estonian Countryside
« on: July 06, 2016, 01:50:16 PM »
Estonia is a great place but,  as some of you know the population is declining. Not in Tallinn,  whose population is growing but in the countryside, the best resource of the country.
A friend of mine moved from Tallinn a few years ago with a dream that became a plan and is becoming a reality. She inherited the family farm,  or more accurately the farm buildings and a remnant of the land,  after she had fought to have the property restored to her family after Soviet occupation.

She has turned a derelict plot and tumbledown buildings into a viable,  profitable smallholding and home for her family. Now,  her next step is to create a bed and breakfast / home stay on the property. She needs some help.

Here's more information about what she's up to:

If you can help her to make this project happen then I'd be very happy,  she and her family will be grateful and you will have helped to keep at least six people living and working in rural Estonia.
I have to say that her plan is viable,  the location is wonderful,  truly lovely,  one of my favourite places in Estonia.

If you have questions I can help in very general terms but through her GoFundMe page you can liaise directly with Eve.

Thanks for reading!
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