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Author Topic: Yacht Show and yacht racing in Sochi  (Read 705 times)

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Yacht Show and yacht racing in Sochi
« on: May 04, 2016, 03:06:56 AM »
Yesterday was beautiful - 24C - clear blue skies and v.little wind

SC was happy to go to the beach  and I hoped for an afternoon breeze to  pick up.

I was invited by Boris to take part of a mini regatta - a race around the cans in a small cruiser racer - An Elan210

As I had time to kill before the appointed time - I went down to the port and checked out the yachts on display .

They were mostly motor boats - not interesting for me ..but what was interesting - for the 'de-dollarisation' theorists - ALL the prices were in Dollars or Euros..

I took a photo of a v.large gin palace that was located in a 'private' section of the port - to be told that this  is 'Putin's yacht'... I'm not aware of the the veracity of this.

At the appointed time, Boris - our skipper arrived and we rigged the yacht - we tried to learn the terms in Russian and English  ;D

The yachts are hired out for various events and corporate team building. Our guests were all on holiday from Moscow and had no idea about yachting ..

I was worried how to dress and had thought this was a serious race ....not to worry - the wind was so light and fluky that 'bumps' were excused - normally penalties ensure - and everyone had a great time.

8 identical yachts took part and as we didn't have engines - had to be towed in and out of port

I want to try it -when there is wind... got a good tan
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