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Author Topic: It's EXACTLY this sort of corruption that gives Russian justice a bad name  (Read 420 times)

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Imagine the scene... you are sat in your beat up car and a Merc - driven at speed - drives into you.... the driver is drunk - but a ranking Policemen... you are injured ... but the preliminary report says you caused the accident  ???

This is Sochi...2016 ... is it ANY wonder we doubt what officials tell us... ?

Come on.. clean up your act and fire the driver of the Merc  :whistle:

The official police report

February 16 at 19 hours. 43 minutes in the central region - a traffic accident in which three people were injured.

According to preliminary reports the 46-year-old driver of "VAZ 2106" was at the crossroads of an unregulated, unequal roads junction  - moving - and, did not provide give way and collided with the "Mercedes".

After the initial collision,  a parked car "Hyundai" was hit - it was unoccupied

As a result of the accident, the 46-year-old driver of "VAZ 2106" and two passengers - born in 1995 and  1998 - in the "Mercedes"  were hospitalised.

Now, Russia MIGHT have Sergey Ivanov as the next President ..his son killed a pensioner on a level crossing and - despite video evidence - was exonerated ....  :'(

Russia doesn't have form for making stuff like this up.
He really did say that
Here is my Russophobia/Kremlinphobia topic