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Author Topic: French Secret Service: Russias invasion in Ukraine is a false flag by NATO  (Read 354 times)

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Its in Dutch, but google does an excellent job translating it.
Also check the date, this news was out in June 2015.

some interesting quotes:

The head of the French secret service DRM made large accusations against NATO, because of the ongoing story that Russia is primed to attack Ukraine. According to General Christophe Gomart, there is not even one clue for such an invasion and the Russians were never planning to attack.

Why did we not hear anything about this from the MSM? I surely missed it and only now was brought to my attention by friends.

Also interesting:
Ukraine signed the Association agreement with the EU, In which it is agreed that Ukraine can enter NATO in 2020, which Russia perceives as a threat.

Ah right, good thing we got a referendum going in Netherlands then.... Considering this is just a 'trade' agreement.

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