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Author Topic: Moscow..why I try to love you..but...  (Read 728 times)

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Moscow..why I try to love you..but...
« on: January 13, 2016, 11:51:08 PM »
Emerged from our epic 39 hour train ride at 0730..The train was supposed to arrive 2.5 hours earlier, but we had plenty of time.

We said our good byes to Yuri and Tanya and I loaded the cases onto a trolley..most Russian stations of any size have porters.

Two big cases, dog carrier, laptop and bag with fruits and veg for SC to munch on...

I made the mistake of not ssking how much..the prices are shown on the trolley...but were quickly ...and conveniently..buried..

We followed the porter to the taxi stand were he asked for 2500 Roubles for 4 minutes pulling..approx 22 Gbp or 34 Usd.. 

As we had paid 300 in Sochi for the same thing a 'spat' ensued and SC settled for 2000 as the taxi driver wanted to go and it was minus 18C with a bitter wind.

Why does Moscow always employ staff who rip off tourists?  No wonder it has a lousy reputation ..I really do want to like the place.

Needless to say, I took the guy's number and wrote to Russian railways..One can fly to Sochi from Moscow for what he asked for...but with no receipt I think it may be a pointless exercise.

The taxi driver was great and charged us 1000 for a 25 minute ride..incl a 5 min stop at a bankomat (atm).he would have taken us to SVO airport for 1000 more, but I had already booked the SVO express for less on online and my faith in Moscovite service providors was low.

We took the express train..which is WIDE.. Six seats plus a wide alley. This service wasn't working when I was last at SVO ..2007...I normally use DME or Vnukovo.

We were booked at the Aviator..a family run hotel that offers complimentary transfers to and from the airport incl. breakfast. (2450 roubles for a double) RECOMMEND.

The snow was falling ..dry fine snow like diamonds..that we rarely see in Britain.

I prepared for a meeting and SC slept...)


Russia doesn't have form for making stuff like this up.
He really did say that
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