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Author Topic: Bizarre train journey - are we in Russia or Ukraine  (Read 1153 times)

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Bizarre train journey - are we in Russia or Ukraine
« on: January 09, 2016, 03:41:36 AM »
Took the train from Sochi to Moscow with SC

I have been warned by many folks that this is something you'd only want to do once - but I loved it..

We had a 4 berth 'coupe' and it's pot luck who you get as company.

I was certain the train went through Ukraine north of Rostov and it DOES  ?!

Our train stopped for a few minutes at this place..It was called Chertkovo on the Russian side.I recognised the place from a Beeb article. [ see south on attached map]

The couple sharing with us were from Krasnodar - we had two guys from Sochi to there.

Yuri bought Kolbasa -we were looking for beer... but there wasn't any on board to be bought..

We were not allowed off the train - just to buy stuff. As we pulled off, I started taking video out of the window. ..thinking the road was in Ukraine..not realising the TRAIN was going in and out of Ukraine. :o

At one point - the line is nearly 5km IN Ukraine - Kharkiv/ Kharhkov region

There IS no visible barrier and I spotted ONE soldier standing in an alleyway between Cherkovo and Milove ... I could not say of which nation .I saw UA flags on the UA side...

This region is clearly under Kyiv control and the bus stops were painted blue and yellow.

I thought it bizarre that the line went so far into Ukraine.

In the light of the situation, further south  - It all seemed surreal.

Who maintains the railway - when in Ukraine ? I'm guessing this is one area where it is important-for now - keep good relations.

The best news ? As I stopped filming the desolate lightly snow covered region..A seller who boarded the train at Chertkovo, had beers for sale - Baltika 7 and we enjoyed a good lunch.

SC took the photo - of Yuri and I is dark.. as it turns out we were in Ukraine  :chuckle: