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Author Topic: Russian and US Oil Giants Cooperate to Save California's Historic Fort Ross  (Read 335 times)

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Interesting article about Russians coming to the United states west coast.  Now Russian and US business work together to save the past.

Russian and US Oil Giants Cooperate to Save California's Historic Fort Ross
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Online AvHdB

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The Russian empire in the 19th century controlled a large amount of land on the North America, Pacific side mainland. This included Alaska, thanks to the English in fact now an American state, sometimes called Seaward's Folly and settlements down towards present day San Francisco. There is the beautiful wine region north of Rice a Roni city called Russian River as an example.

The Russians were there for the fur trade. Gold had not been discovered and the avocado was unheard of.

The statement that Fort Ross was the center of Russian influence and trade on the North American side is pure nonsense. It was about as important as Hartford, Connectcut was to Holland in the 17th and early 18th century.
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