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Author Topic: The return of the 'Young Pioneers and Komosol? '  (Read 267 times)

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The return of the 'Young Pioneers and Komosol? '
« on: October 08, 2015, 04:04:12 PM »
For those whose FSU partners are 35 years old or more - you may see photos of them in white shirts with the red neck ties. They spend holidays ( vacations ) away in Summer camps and swore allegiance to the former USSR.

This headline from lept out at me

''We need more volunteers
Putin was asked to create a Russian Organization for raising Patriots "

I HATE patriotism - as we become 'victims' of the beliefs of the places into which we are born.. Sure, most of us identify with where we are born, customs - supporting a national sports team, perhaps - but these organisations attempted to mold kids minds to accept 'the party line'..

To me - such talk is a worrying aspect.  It's the sort of thing I'd only have expected from Zhironovsky - on the far right - and the Communist Party.

I'm all for summer camps - but NOT indoctrination.


Russia doesn't have form for making stuff like this up.
He really did say that
Here is my Russophobia/Kremlinphobia topic