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Author Topic: Birth Certificate  (Read 524 times)

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Birth Certificate
« on: September 18, 2015, 03:16:10 AM »
I wish to thank the members who we kept in the loop re our circumstances for 'buttoning their lips' while other members were posting interesting theories about our lives  :chuckle:

I have been dating S.C for over a year and lived with her on and off for 3.5 months of that time.

I asked her to marry me - back in July.

My former wife, V - with whom the split was painful - now has permanent residency in the UK based on our agreement  to stay legally married, until her son finished his degree course and has landed a great job . His status was based on us not being a burden on the State and remaining legally married. I had to prove I was either earning or self-sufficient.

Now, the fun and games began as I was UK citizen divorcing a UK based Russian citizen, from Russia and SC was born of an Uzbek Dad and Russian Mother in what is now Tajikistan...

SC handed in her USSR birth certificate in 1991 to get a Russian pasport - spelling intentional - as this is what we would call an ID card. The certificate was never returned and she has never needed this certificate in 24 years... until now.

Russian ZAGs said she must contact Tajikistan to get a birth certificate - but the embassy in Moscow simply do not answer the phone or respond to emails.

The Russian embassy in Tajikistan ultimately gave us an email for the Tajik Ministry of Foreign affairs - no answer, yet.

The Tajik embassy in the UK has said it will help out - as an exception - if all routes fail - when  SC is in the UK

So, if any member has experience of obtaining Tajik birth certificates - we are all ears.

Anteros - for you  :chuckle:

Russia doesn't have form for making stuff like this up.
He really did say that
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