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Author Topic: Fake weddings honeymoon in Vegas; dad-daughter duo arrested in green card scam  (Read 1265 times)

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The groom was a U.S. citizen strapped for cash. The bride was Chinese and in search of a green card.

One month after their first meeting, they tied the knot at Dynasty Wedding Studio in Temple City. Among the guests were his boyfriend and her husband.

The phony marriage — which included a fake honeymoon in Las Vegas and the exchange of thousands of dollars — was one of dozens arranged by a Santa Fe Springs man and his daughter who were arrested Wednesday after a three-year investigation and sting operation, according to federal officials.

Jason Shiao, 65, and Lynn Leung, 43, are suspected of orchestrating more than 70 fraudulent immigration applications over nearly a decade.

The two allegedly commanded sums as high as $50,000 from Chinese clients hoping to obtain legal immigration status, pairing them with indigent individuals who were desperate for money — some of whom were homeless.

"Among the guests were his boyfriend and her husband."

You couldn't make up stuff like that

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