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Any thoughts?

He has a shot at making it. People are so sick of politicians  that they might vote for a businessman. Especially someone who doesn't need to be bought. I can see the Don financing his campaign with a billlion ot two of his 9 billion dollars. He loves getting attention and shooting his mouth off. This sure gives him a chance to get to do both. Besides I have the impression he loves his county and would like to clean out the stables he has been contending with his entire life.

I would love it if he won the nomination, and I for one would definitely vote for him.  That said I don't think he is serious.  If he is, I am not sure if he will garner enough support.  My personal favorite is Marco Rubio, followed by Ted Cruz.  If either of those get the nomination, I will be very happy as well.

For sure he is going to do his best to embarrass Hillary Clinton, as not being competent in any way, shape or form.


--- Quote ---But while Trump had plenty of negative things to say about the Americans he is running against, he was surprisingly genial on the topic of Russia President Vladimir Putin.

“Putin has no respect for our president whatsoever. He’s got a tremendous popularity in Russia, they love what he’s doing, they love what he represents,” Trump said. “I was over in Moscow two years ago and I will tell you – you can get along with those people and get along with them well. You can make deals with those people. Obama can’t.”

“I would be willing to bet I would have a great relationship with Putin,” he added. “It’s about leadership.”
--- End quote ---

Whatever the strengths or weaknesses the guy may have he'll get nowhere without the party machinery. Without the local supporters and activists he'll not motivate the couch potatoes who are the majority of any vote cohort. Where's he going to get the ability to cut the deals, face to face, with incumbent powerbrokers and king makers.

The only way he could do anything is if he were to be able to co-opt the team of some other candidate, a strong candidate, who perhaps died while on the campaign trail but after garnering a good deal of grassroots support.


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