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Author Topic: How to survive the Global Chaos of 2015  (Read 10914 times)

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Re: How to survive the Global Chaos of 2015
« Reply #60 on: December 08, 2015, 02:32:47 PM »
Ooops Shades of 2008/2009 time to keep your powder dry:

Peter Schiff Warns: “The Whole Economy Has Imploded… Collapse Is Coming”

December 6th, 2015

Back before 2008 Peter Schiff was harshly criticized and laughed at for his predictions about a coming economic collapse. Among other things Schiff warned that consumer spending had hit a wall, stocks were overpriced and lax credit lending practices would lead to a detonation of the banking system. Rather than heed the warnings, the biggest names in mainstream media tried to discredit him for not toeing the official narrative. Shortly thereafter, of course, Schiff was vindicated and much of the doom he had forecast came to pass.

Today, Schiff continues to argue that the economy is on a downhill trajectory and this time there’ll be no stopping it. All of the emergency measures implemented by the government following the Crash of 2008 were merely temporary stop-gaps. The light at the end of the tunnel being touted by officials as recovery, Schiff has famously said, is actually an oncoming train. And if the forecast he laid out in his latest interview is as accurate as those he shared in 2007, then the the train is about to derail.

We’re broke. We’re basically living off of debt. We’ve had a huge transformation of the American economy. Look at all the Americans now on food stamps, on disability, on unemployment.

The whole economy has imploded… the bottom hasn’t dropped out yet because we’re able to go deeper into debt. But the collapse is coming.

Fundamentally, America is worse off now than it was pre-crash. With the national debt rising unabated and money being printed out of thin air without reprieve, it is only a matter of time.

Schiff notes that while government statistics claim Americans are saving again and consumers seem to be spending, the average Joe Sixpack actually has a negative net worth. But most people don’t even realize what’s happening:

I read a statistic… The average American has less than a $5000 net worth… it’s pathetic… we’re basically broke… but in fact it’s much less… If you actually took the national debt and broke it down per capita, the average American has a negative net worth because the government has borrowed in his name more than the average American is able to save.

What’s happening is pretty much what we would anticipate. I don’t see from the data any real economic recovery, certainly not in the United States.

We’re spending more money, but it’s not because we’re generating more wealth. We’re generating more debt. We’re using that borrowed money to consume and so temporarily it feels that we’re wealthier because we get to spend all that money… but we have to come to terms with paying the bill.

The bills are going to come due. Right now interest rates are being kept at zero which makes it possible to service the debt even though it’s impossible to repay it… at least we can service it. But once interest rates go up then we can’t even service it let alone repay it.

And then the party is going to come to an end.

The problem, of course, is that no one with any real influence over public perception, like our elected officials or the media, will do anything about it. They’ll continue the party until it comes to an abrupt and irreversible end, and anyone who goes against the official narrative will be branded a lunatic gloom and doomer or extremist.

But vilifying those who are blaring the warning sirens will do nothing to change the end result:

We’re going to have a crisis… There are always going to be people who say ‘well, you’re a stopped clocked… you keep predicting doom and eventually it happens’… but you have to back and listen to why… Why are they saying it?

If you look back at things that I’ve said and the things that Ron Paul has said… This is why it’s happening… it’s not like we’re just saying negative things to be negative and then when something negative happens we can claim credit for it happening.

If you look back at the events it bears out that we’re right… unfortunately our opinions are in the minority… and you have governments that have a vested interest in ignoring these opinions because they don’t want to change because they’re at the root cause of the problem. But they don’t want to acknowledge their role in creating the problem. They don’t want to acknowledge that the problem is more government and that we need less government because that’s not how they stay in power. They promise something for nothing… they promise that government is the solution for your problems, not the cause of your problems.

They’re never going to acknowledge people like Ron Paul for what they’re saying… but they’ll try to discredit you by saying ‘well, you’ve been saying this for years and nothing bad has happened.’

But look around. A lot of bad stuff has happened. We just haven’t had the final and complete collapse. But what good is it when that happens? Now it’s too late to do anything about it.

The reality is that the American economy is on its last leg. Black Friday sales were pitiful, some of the world’s leading companies are warning of recession, and U.S. national debt will soon surpass $20 Trillion.

Just as was the case before the Crash of 2008, all of the signs are there. And just like before, the stock market continues to hover near all-time highs.

If you’ve been paying attention you know what happens next.

A cull of the worlds population ?
I support no government anywhere, ever, never. No institution, No religion!!

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Re: How to survive the Global Chaos of 2015
« Reply #61 on: December 16, 2015, 01:18:02 PM »
Interesting news - with oil tanking year end 2015 where can one make money in this crazy volatile chaotic world?

This Strategy Beats the Market by 400%

By: Matthew Milner
Trying to pick a single start-up that will become “the next Microsoft” or “the next Google” is pretty risky.
Even wildly successful venture capitalists strike out more than half the time.
So what should an individual investor like you do?
The Key to Market-Beating Returns
The key to making money in early-stage investing is diversification. That means building a portfolio of at least 25 to 50 investments.
If done properly, investment returns can be about 27% each year—that’s nearly 400% higher than the average returns from the stock market.
The thing is, it can take quite a bit of time to invest in 25 to 50 private companies.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could invest in them all at once?
You’d get the convenience and diversification of a mutual fund—along with the huge upside potential of early-stage private companies.
Well, I’m about to show you a special website where you can do just that.
You Can Have it All
The website I’m referring to is a “funding platform” called CircleUp.
CircleUp’s been on a tear lately—we covered the platform just last month after it inked a big strategic partnership.

Like the other platforms we cover, CircleUp connects start-ups that need capital, with people like you who are looking to make investments that have big upside.
But CircleUp is unique: instead of focusing on high-tech companies, CircleUp focuses its attention elsewhere. In fact, many first-time private investors prefer to invest in the type of deals you can find on CircleUp.
Here’s why...
CirlceUp specializes in “consumer products” companies—companies aiming to be the next Ben & Jerry’s, Gatorade, or Starbucks.
Investments in these consumer products are easy to understand—and they can be lucrative, too…
Easy Profits in Consumer Goods
Not so long ago, for example, the beverage maker Naked Juice was a tiny start-up based in Santa Monica, California. It believed there might be a market for all-natural juice in a bottle.
Fast-forward a few years and Pepsi acquired it—for an estimated $450 million.
As another example, just five years ago, Chobani was a small “start-up” that made Greek-style yogurt…
Now The Wall Street Journal says it’s worth about $3 billion.
But historically, knowing where to look for companies like these—and knowing which ones to back—has been tough.
That’s where a new offering from CircleUp comes in…
A “Mutual Fund” for Consumer Start-ups
Recently, CircleUp launched a diversified fund for early-stage consumer companies.
It’s called the CircleUp Marketplace Index Fund, and it offers investment access to a fund that includes 125 different companies.
125 companies would go a long way toward providing you with the diversification you need.
Company Selection Process
To select which start-ups are accepted into the fund, CircleUp leverages a combination of technology and human analysis:
First, its software aims to identify the most promising candidates by crunching numbers like Nielson data and customer reviews. If a company gets past the initial filter (just 5% make it), it’s then reviewed by CircleUp’s team of investment professionals.
This selection process appears to be working:
Start-ups that raised funding on CircleUp went on to increase their revenues an average of 86% each year. That’s roughly 3 times higher than the growth rate for the companies it rejected.
Not only that, but the investment performance for the 131 companies that have raised capital on CircleUp since 2012 has been strong: on average, the companies have increased in value by 50% per year.
The Details Behind This Unique Opportunity

Here are some details of the CircleUp fund:
Fees: Compared to a traditional fund that manages early-stage investments, CirlceUp’s fees are far lower, so investors get a bigger share of the profits.
Fees are 0.5% annually, with 0% carry (“carry” is the fund manager’s share of the eventual profits). A traditional fund typically charge a 2% fee and 20% carry.
Liquidity: In certain cases, CircleUp will allow you to sell your investment after 12 months. That’s less than the typical 5-to-7 year holding period for a private fund.
Access: But here’s “the catch.” Initially, the minimum investment for this product was $25,000—but due to strong demand, it’s been raised to $250,000.
Not to worry, however—we have some good news for you:
Once Title III of the JOBS Act goes into effect next year, CircleUp plans to open another fund—with far lower minimums. 
That means everyone will be able to invest, regardless of their income or net worth.
In fact, if the minimums are similar to Title IV deals, you might be able to jump into this diversified “start-up mutual fund” for just a few hundred dollars.
To learn more about the opportunity with the $250k minimum, click here »

And if you’re interested in getting into CircleUp’s new fund with the far lower minimum, stay tuned to Crowdability… we’ll give you a heads-up as soon as it opens.
Please note: Crowdability has no relationship with CircleUp, or with any of the platforms or companies we write about. Crowdability is an independent provider of education, information and research on start-ups and alternative investments.

Happy Investing,

Matthew Milner
Copyright © 2015 Crowdability, Inc., All rights reserved.
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Our mailing address is:
Crowdability, Inc.
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Re: How to survive the Global Chaos of 2015
« Reply #62 on: December 17, 2015, 01:23:47 AM »
for those with the ability to do so, I would recommend the purchase of

First, some cash, actual paper bills, that you can store somewhere and have at hand - any kind of virus or electrical power event can knock out the ATM system, but people will still take cash ...


long term storable food that you will actually eat, even if there is no collapse (or, find an FSUW who like to can/preserve) - have 3 to 6 month's worth of food stored if you have the space for it - then, rotate by eating some of it and replacing it, taking advantage of sales from the local supermarkets.  Note that tests with even 30 year old cans show that provided they are still sealed, they retain most of the nutrients.  The big thing is preventing the cans from corroding or rusting.

then (assuming you have a space to store it after loading up on food)

guns and ammo - in the popular calibers of 22LR, 9MM, .223 (AR15 a/k/a NATO 5.56) , 7.62x39 (many SKS and AK variants were sold in the USA) ... not for shooting, but because guns and ammo rarely go down much in price . 

As an example, I don't even own a .22LR gun, but the 525 round boxes of .22LR I bought for $20 6 months are now worth at least $30 or $35 .

There are no restrictions in the USA , on buying ammo, in most states.  It is heavy to move around, however.


consider buying silver/gold, which is more risky than the 2 above as prices can vary by a greater amount but is another way to store value without counterparty risk

Note that in all these examples I am preferring stuff that you have on hand, that you can get to regardless of any external events that may occur nationally or internationally.  Of course any sort of debt should likely be paid off first ...
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Re: How to survive the Global Chaos of 2015
« Reply #63 on: December 17, 2015, 08:20:33 PM »
On the flip side...

Dear Reader,

We urge you not to panic.

A lot of experts are predicting a crash next year. But if you’re prepared, it could lead to an extraordinary opportunity.

For example, consider October 2008.

The market was plummeting – down 35% in three weeks.

But the following month – on November 13th, 2008 – a colleague of mine shared a list of his favorite investments at the time. Keep in mind: These investments are NOT meant to be “crash-proof” or a way of profiting from a crash.

But by buying and holding the stocks he cited, watch what would have happened to your money over the following years (as of last tally in August 2015)…

252% gain on Altria (MO)
186% gain on American States Water (AWR)
390% gain on Autoliv (ALV)
172% gain on Barnes Group (B)
344% gain on Brookfield Asset Management (BAM)
172% gain on Copart (CPRT)
116% gain on Corrections Corp of America (CXW)
339% gain on Cynosure (CYNO)
220% gain on Grainger (GWW)
870% gain on Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR)

491% gain on Herbalife (HLF)
164% gain on Hershey (HSY)
332% gain on IDEXX Labs (IDXX)
733% gain on IRIDEX (IRIX)
199% gain on iRobot (IRBT)
164% gain on Johnson Controls (JCI)
159% gain on JM Smucker (SJM)
727% gain on Las Vegas Sands (LVS)
294% gain on Luxottica (LUX)
207% gain on Markel (MKL)
158% gain on Pentair (PNR)
233% gain on ResMed (RMD)
135% gain on Rocky Mountain Chocolate (RMCF)
404% gain on Taser International (TASR)
283% gain on Tiffany (TIF)
225% gain on Universal Electronics (UEIC)
323% gain on Vascular Solutions (VASC)
272% gain on VMware (VMW)
Well…recently, he’s begun recommending another list of stocks.

If you’re worried about your money, you should have a look at the details immediately. It’s attracted a huge amount of interest.


Dan Steinhart
Executive Editor, Casey Research

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Re: How to survive the Global Chaos of 2015
« Reply #64 on: December 18, 2015, 01:11:32 PM »
Interesting end of year Email from CROWDability:

The Most Important Day

In America in 83 Years

Write This Date Down:

May 16, 2016

That is the exact date the doors to the private stock market will finally open to all investors.
Which is why Matt & Wayne recently hosted a LIVE Early-Stage Playbook lesson for all current students.  Since that date is only a few short months away, their goal is to get all Early-Stage Playbook students ready for it.
During this lesson Matt & Wayne covered:
Where to find the very best early-stage investments
Several unexpected changes to The JOBS Act
The minimum investment to get started (it's much lower than you think)...
And most importantly, they gave every attendee the chance to claim a one-time free gift from Crowdability:
A full, one year subscription to CrowdabilityIQ — the world's first stock screener for private companies.
The transcript of the live lesson is below.
We encourage you to read it in its entirety as your financial future may depend on it.  But fair warning, you must act quickly, this presentation will be removed from the Internet by Wednesday, December 23rd at 11:59 PM.
TRANSCRIPT: 12/16/2015  |  8:00 PM Eastern  |   New York, NY:

Best Regards,

Ben Schott,

Your Host & Publisher of Crowdability, Inc.
We designed it so that it would be simple and easy to use for a first-time investor—but powerful enough for a professional investor.

For example, Howard Lindzon, who we've mentioned a handful of times tonight, actively uses CrowdabilityIQ. Again, Howard's one of the most active seed-stage venture capitalists in the country. Howard recently told us that he now...

"... runs all [his] companies through CrowdabilityIQ before investing."

And once you get a look at it for yourself, it'll be easy to understand why...

Our team has engineered a system that's never, ever been available for private market investments before.

No matter what you're searching for, with just a few clicks of your mouse, you can narrow down a long list of potential investments, to just a handful of the very best deals.

For example, what you’re looking at on the screen right now, is the filter for our “Risk of Ruin” score:

You can even use CrowdabilityIQ to find deals based on who else is investing—this way you can invest alongside well-known venture capitalists and angel investors. Just to use myself as an example here, I personally love the peace of mind that I get from following “smart money” into a deal.

And keep in mind: this is just a fraction of the tools and content that CrowdabilityIQ offers—but once you join and dive into the software for yourself, you’ll see why even professionals like Howard are now using the software to find profitable early-stage investments.

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You can organize your search by sector... by location... by company founders... by Risk of Ruin...

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And remember: for each of these deals, you’ll also be provided with a detailed 10-to-15 page research report.
Long story short:

CrowdabilityIQ simplifies start-up investing. It saves you time, it protects you from investing in deals that are likely to fail, and it ensures that you're only investing in the deals with the most profit potential.

Again, I just can't tell you how important and valuable this is—especially as you're about to get flooded with new deals when Title III comes online...

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Again, we want to be sure you're 100% comfortable and satisfied with this service.


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Ok guys, before Matt and I answer some of the questions that came in tonight, I wanted to talk about one other special offer we're going to extend just for students here with us tonight...

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But let me quickly re-cap both of our special offers:

For the first offer, if you subscribe to CrowdabilityIQ for a full year—something that normally costs about $1,200—we'll give you a one-time discount and only charge you $249...that's a savings of nearly $1,000...

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The Most Frequently

Asked Questions


So the first question that came up a lot is this one:

What's the minimum investment size for these deals?


Some of these Title III deals will have minimums as low as $100 -- and remember: even small dollar amounts -- like $100 to a few hundred dollars -- those could turn into six (and possibly even seven) figure windfalls.

So the minimum investment amount won't keep anyone out of this market. Once Title III goes live in May, there's gonna be plenty of high-quality deals with low investment minimums.


Hey, everyone -- this is Matt...

You know, Wayne and I have been thinking about this idea a LOT -- and actually, it's something we might add to CrowdabilityIQ in the near future.

So if this feature is something you're interested in, you might want to consider locking in your discount to CrowdabilityIQ right now.


Thanks Matt...

So next question:

Can non-U.S. citizens participate in private equity investments?


Good question, this is Wayne again -- and the answer is yes, the TItle III crowdfunding platforms will accept investments from non-U.S. citizens. You'll just need to provide them with a couple of forms of ID and also a TIN - or a tax ID number.


Again, I think all of you who got on board with The Early Stage Playbook and who made it here for this webinar are really ahead of the game.

You guys recognize the opportunity that early-stage investing is presenting you with, and you're actually doing something about it.

I really want to encourage you to take Matt and Wayne up on their offer tonight as well. I can tell you that CrowdabilityIQ is really going to simplify and streamline the entire investing process for you.

This is a proprietary score that CrowdabilityIQ calculates for each company... and just by using this simple slider, you can quickly and easily screen out all the companies that have the highest risk of failing, so you can rest easy at night.
You can also filter out deals based on valuation, so you’re only investing in deals in the valuation “sweet spot” we taught you about in the Early-Stage Playbook.

No matter what you’re searching for, with just a few clicks of your mouse, you can narrow down a long list of potential investments, to just a handful of the very best deals.
And when you find a company you’re ready to dig into more deeply, you can download its 10-to-15 page research report.
Every single company on CrowdabilityIQ comes with one of our detailed, but easy-to-understand research reports: