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Author Topic: smooth sailing then brick wall  (Read 4683 times)

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Re: smooth sailing then brick wall
« Reply #30 on: July 29, 2014, 08:29:12 PM »
Redroo, at least she told you on Skype and not a text message. Only concern she had after that was the canceling of the k1 petition. She won't say a word to me now, not sure of the reason. I don't know how they can flip the emotion switch so fast. I thought us guys were supposed to be the insensitive ones. Maybe they learned that from the way the local guys come and go.

dont be so sure she ''can just flip a switch ''

im sure she would be hurting emotionally as well , however what you have just learnt is how strong and well disciplined these ladys can be , they will to some extent sacrifice their own  possible happiness and future if it means taking care of family etc

any of the married guys here will have experienced some form of example of this strong mental discipline these ladys have , doesnt mean they arent  hurting inside , they just make a practical decision and mask it better than most westerners ime

chalk it up to experience and go again , you will find your happiness around the corner , just keep carefully searching !