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Author Topic: Donhollio's FSU Pursuit !  (Read 108112 times)

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Re: Donhollio's FSU Pursuit !
« Reply #15 on: December 26, 2007, 10:50:03 AM »
You're photo with the lady made me think of something I once heard an FSU woman say:
"Why do Westerners all look like peasants?"

 :laugh:  Yeah that thought did occur to me on this trip. Summer was over and that was all I had to wear in +5c weather, but Susha was warm :-*
 I tend to dress better now though marginally, I figure if they want to live in North America they may as well see we all dress like slobs ;D
 The worse off you are financially the more likely you are to dress better, if your from a economically deprived country.
 Cubans are a perfect example . No paint inside their homes just grey concrete,yet they dress up to the 9's .
 Far be it for me Rim to fake my wardrobe to get a girl.
 Point taken Rim

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Re: Donhollio's FSU Pursuit !
« Reply #16 on: December 26, 2007, 12:25:01 PM »
Someday... maybe I will write my own .... very good reading Don.
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Re: Donhollio's FSU Pursuit !
« Reply #17 on: December 26, 2007, 01:54:36 PM »
I agree, your story is very interesting and I enjoyed reading it very much.

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Re: Donhollio's FSU Pursuit !
« Reply #18 on: January 04, 2008, 04:47:55 PM »
 Thanks guys :

 I later took the train back to Kharkov to see little Oksana,not really sure where it may go as we only spent a few hours together....kinda.
 She told me she was waiting for me to return,and to call her when I arrived.  I looked back on my days in Sevastopol, and realised the best times were with Danny.
 I learned so much about the cities history,and saw more museums than I have in my entire life. For those who have never been Sevastopol is a museum in itself. There's a lot to see if your into military, and the Panorama museum was the highlight of them. Upon entering that one Danny told me not to speak,as foreigners will get charged more.  Of course he knew all it's history, and was excited to fill me in on it all. The poor guy had to whisper it  to me so we didn't arouse suspicion.

 Well the time had come for me to leave, and I walked down to the station to get on the train.  On the train there was a guy from Armenia, he knew I was not a local and tried to speak with me. It didn't work, and I went to get this book that Vova had given me with the phonetic and English/ Russian in it. 
 It was printed for the Moscow Olympics in 1980, very cool book,and was intended to help both the visitor and Muscovite during the foreigners stay.
   So he pointed to his nationality and I nodded,he was trying to ask me where I was staying in Kharkov and I told him a hotel.  He offered to give me a ride to this hotel, and I was a little worried about taking his offer. As they always say don't ride with strangers. 
 But the trains arrival was at 5am ,and I was thinking what if there was no taxi to drive me ?   So the train pulls in to Kharkov,and we depart  out to the parking lot.  Now the guy is waving me to come with him ,and I'm still not to comfy in doing it. But it's very late, I'm tried, and well sometimes you do things you shouldn't.

   I walk over to the car and his friend has come to pick him up as well.  Great now what ? Now Guy had told me never get into a car with two guys, because anything can happen and you'll lose everytime.  But I did anyway, I sort of knew the way to the hotel, and sitting in the back at least I was able to keep an eye on the two guys. Weather the doors opened from the inside was still unknown.
  The guys driving, and my head is full of, "what if's "  Than I lose site of the familiar route to the hotel, but say nothing. I am just gauging the situation and hoping for the best. Much to my delight we arrive at the Hotel National !  I give the man some money ,they seems happy,and in  I go!

 I wake up the sleeping guards and front desk clerk, who informs me that there's no vacancy,in very broken English.   Now what, the ride is gone, its very dark,  and they shut off the street lights even on Lenin prospect, and I have no other place to go.
 She points down the street to hotel Mir. I say thanks, and walk out into the pitch black.  Now when I tell you it's dark it's very dark, so dark that I had to stop at the curb to see where I was stepping, as I could not judge the height of the curb.
 After about 20 minutes I see the Mir hotel , I'm just hoping there's a room to rent. Their was and it was slightly better than the National hotel, with better services too !
 That afternoon I went to the business centre in the hotel and wrote some emails. Turns out a guy from Cameroon was the owner, and during my stay there he had his other friends from Cameroon  drop in.  They spoke Russian and English, so it made it a somewhat easier stay than at the National. 
 The curiousity was killing me and I later asked him how the hell he wound up in Kharkov, of all places. He told me, " It's a long story, you don't want to know."  We both laughed ,and I never pressed him about it again. But I still wonder to this day,how he wound up there.
 Since Oksana works 10 hour days I had too much time to kill until we'd meet. I'd call her in the afternoon ,and we'd arrange a place and time. It usually took place around 7pm,and lasted a few hours. It kinda sucked ,but I was down to my last few days, and wasn't going to bother leaving to wonder around Europe for the remainder of them.
 Oksana is a very sweet girl, our evenings would consist of talking in a small quiet pub, and with the soft light on her face I was falling for her. However the night would always end the same, and I knew deep down it wasn't going to progress. But I was just wanting to enjoy my time with her, though limited. The crunch came when it was her mums birthday, and she couldn't meet me . Of course I was hoping to get invited, but I understood why.
 My days in Kharkov were spent walking around, up and down different streets, and taking in some local markets. It was a lot cooler than in Sevastopol, and I was still only in long sleeves. So I set out to find a coat. Yeah I know, spend a month in Europe, and start looking for warm clothes on the last couple of days . 
 I also went to Confidencial Connections, to see what other girls I could meet.  Turns out they wanted $50 for a meeting,and the ones I wanted didn't speak English,so I passed and left.
 The only market I stumpled upon had no winter coats, it had a small clothing section, and there I spotted another fleece. I decided I would keep looking, but soon gave up ,and returned to buy what was the only one in the entire market.
 The thing was slightly  short in the sleeves, giving me the "peasant" look ....... again.   But the old lady was alittle excited to have me there, she kept asking questions ,but I didn't understand. Than she goes next door and tells her there's a English guy here.
 So I finally figure out she wants to know where I'm from. I tell her but she didn't understand until the other girl told her. " Kan na da !  All happy she starts to write down a bunch of words and hands it to me.  I just smiled and shook my head ,as I didn't know what the hell it said !   She was kind of surprised I was buying her fleece, she suggested to have the arms extended    Ahh for $6 I'll give to charity when I get home.

 So that night I showed Oksana my note , and asked what she was trying to tell me.  Turns out she has family in Canada, and that explained why she was excited.  It's times like those I really wish I could speak passable Russian. So Oksana and I head off to another place, but we taxi it around to a few different places and I'm getting slightly annoyed because she didn't like them at all, so we'd leave before even sitting down.
 She is on the phone and her friend suggests some place that's nice, we go there and it's all suits and too high end for me ! But their happy to have us dine in, and Oksana orders her usual tea. I convince her to have some tort or something else and not just tea, she agrees and I have my usual beer. Were both not hungry so I'm having pistachios for the first time, and now I can say I'm hooked on them !

  Now the bad news, the bill comes and stupid me doesn't have enough cash. Our nights out have always been less than this night out, not that it was expensive. It's just with all the taxi rides I used up what would of covered our bill, and her ride home. So I pull out the visa, no good they don't take it.  I was about $2 short and in vain I offer my $5 CDN bill, no good USA or UHA.  So Oksana is embarrassed, I'm feeling like a idiot, the bills I had earlier were filling up my wallet, but they go fast in UA !  So she tells the waiter she'll return to pay the debt later once I get to a bank machine.
  She was quiet until we got outside, than she starts in on me in Russian !  I still was impressed with how fast she walks in those 3" heels ! But she was very mad, and I can see why, I didn't even bother to defend myself.  I said I was sorry ,and if I knew I didn't have enough money I would of got more.

 So we find a taxi who'll take us to the hotel and I'll pay than.  In the car I was thinking how badly I just blew it, she didn't say much to me on the short ride, and all I could think of was to try and make up for it. We only had a few minutes until the hotel, and in 7 hours I would be enroute to Brussels.
 So I told her I have a gift for you, I thought it was really lame, but I had been hauling it from home, and it was only a little stuffed beaver.  I told her I have it in my room ,and asked her to come up and get it.
 She wouldn't go up and I learned why a short time later, once I discovered these forums. 
Reason is they may be seen as prostitutes, and that's why renting apartments is always the best option. She would only go into the lobby and wait on the sofa, so I went and got it, brought it down and pulled it out of the bag. I really didn't know what her reaction was going to be. I thought some rolling eyes ,but she lit up and gave me a kiss !   It was a big suprise, and for a moment the money shortage was gone from her mind.  She really liked her little beaver !  :)  Ok the little Hollio   :saint: on my shoulder is telling me to stop right there and go no futher.  But the   :evilgrin0002: Hollio is offering so many much more innuendo to type !

 Anyways I was glad she left happy,and she waved as the taxi pulled away from the lot.  I thought to myself ," I'll never see her again." And I was sad about it. I was getting feelings for her,and that was going to be it.
  It was a short sleep as my ride to the airport was at 5am. I never asked the driver how much to the airport, and when we got there, I was bracing for the worst. I asked, he told me 90 UHA . I thought it was high ,but it took about 20 minutes without traffic, and how was I to argue with him on whats fair and what isn't ?
 I handed him the 90 UHA and he looks at me kind of startled ,takes the cash and says " No no ! "  Than hands back 50 UHA .  He questions the amount as he taps the money in his hand,and says 90 . I tell him it's 40 ,and he is happy I suppose to learn what 40 was in English.
 So there you go guys, sometimes you can find a honest cabbie in the FSU !
Flying back I was disappointing in having feelings for Oksana, knowing that it wasn't going to go further. I called her a couple of times from home after,but it wasn't changing things.

 And with that flight I ended my second trip to Europe and Ukraine.

 Photo of    Oksana


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Re: Donhollio's FSU Pursuit !
« Reply #19 on: January 04, 2008, 06:35:29 PM »
I am looking forward to more !

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Re: Donhollio's FSU Pursuit !
« Reply #20 on: January 05, 2008, 08:32:09 AM »
How did you get the $2 to the restaurant or did you leave that for Oksana to do?

I'm not certain that you've definitely blown it with her based on your story, but you would have a lot of ground to make up if you really like her.

Some basic things that seem to apply to most FSU women.
1. If you screw up, apologize once and only once accompanied by flowers.
2. Don't appear to be cheap in your dress or where you stay.
3. You're correct that flats are a better choice.

From her perspective:
You met her and then ditched her to have dinner with your friend. She's thinking that it was probably an excuse to go meet another girl, but at the very least you just weren't that in to her. You then left town to meet more girls and while you were gone you didn't get lucky so you came back to see her. She doesn't think she is your first choice so she will be a little cold if she even agrees to meet with you again.

Your weakness is also your strength because in general women like men who are somewhat of a challenge, but you need to pick it up and do what's right if you want her.

Flowers Flowers Flowers Flowers.

If you want for her to come around then keep roses next to her bed until you return.

Good luck.

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Re: Donhollio's FSU Pursuit !
« Reply #21 on: January 05, 2008, 10:44:25 AM »
 Yes I gave her the money,and enough for her ride home with some to spare. There was no time for flowers, as I was leaving at 5am. And I don't know any address I could of sent them to.  She also knew I went to Crimea to do some sporting activitys, so did I blow it ?  Most likely I did, but this wasn't the last time I was to see her. 
 You'll have to wait for further installments  ;)

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Re: Donhollio's FSU Pursuit !
« Reply #22 on: January 05, 2008, 11:28:07 AM »
I am sorry, but maybe I missed something? What's wrong with the lady in the picture? She is very cute! You guys look good together. If you like her go for it!!!!! Yes, I think flowers are very important to Russian/Ukrainian ladies.

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Re: Donhollio's FSU Pursuit !
« Reply #23 on: January 05, 2008, 12:49:53 PM »
I don't know. The impression I got from reading is that she is a bit of a spoiled princess. Attractive yes, but not very patient.
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Re: Donhollio's FSU Pursuit !
« Reply #24 on: January 24, 2008, 06:39:30 PM »
  Oksana is a hottie in my books and upon my return to Canada I thought of her many many times. Flying over the ocean I was questioning what I could of done different. Some were obvious, lack of money, staying in a hotel not a apartment all didn't help.
 Maybe I needed to show her I was really interested in her, but I never pursued girls, they chased me. And that was something I was still working on was having to showed I cared about them.

 The phone calls went no where and I soon gave up on her, infact I needed a break from the PC and searching for anymore FSU girls to write.  Weeks went by and the PC was collecting dust,than after weeks I looked over at it and it beaconed me !   After getting burned by Family Plus I decided to again try the free sites. Up to this point the only exchange I had was with a Moldavian girl, who got very pissed off at me after I told her I wasn't going to return unless I had a few girls to meet.
Big mistake, after a long barrage of
 "Don this, Don that"  I shot back telling her the way it is ,and that she was my first to see, and if it didn't work I would go meet the others. It was the truth, and she did see my reasons for wanting to do it that way.

 For any guys thinking about telling them ,it's a difficult call to make each girl will respond differently, but your better off lying to them. Many have little white lies that they keep from you prior to meeting them,and I really don't think they see it as being too dishonest either. However if you do tell them she's the only one, due be sure to shut off your mobile phone when your with her.
 I'm getting ahead of myself, but just be sure it's off !

 So onto some free sites, I find about a dozen girls to write my standard 3 line intro to, 
" Hi I like your profile and wish to know you better."  It 's a useless intro, and I guess I wasn't fully into trying it as much as I wanted to think I was. But off they go, this was mid December when I restarted.
I got a few replies within a few days,wrote back at length ,and they were all gone in 2 or 3 emails.  Than about 2 weeks later the girl I was not going to write sends me her reply.  I sat and looked at her profile and poor photo's for sometime, even coming back to her after sending out replies to the other dozen.
  She had a very nice well written intro that captured my imagination. Not really sure what it was but it convinced me to look past the poor photo's ,and see what may happen.
  In her email she talked about what she wanted in life,and some of her dreams of the future.   Her name was Olya .  We exchanged a few emails and I wanted to speak with her very much on the phone, her letters were great and so after asking she gave it to me . But cautioned her English wasn't that good ,and I would need to speak slowly.  Hey no problem !

 Our first call went great ! We spoke for almost 1 hour, and there was never an awkward moment.  The following calls to her were always 45 -90 minutes, she spoke much better than she gave herself credit for.
 I was liking this girl more with every phone call, our emails had become a second means of correspondence,and we learned more about each other than 50 emails could ever accomplish.
  After a few months she was asking when I could come see her, at this point I really still wanted to find some plan B, but it was not materialising at all.  I could tell she was getting restless with my delay in getting to her ,but my work at the time held me back, going in a weeks time would of been a poor move, so I thought.  If I could turn back the calender it would of been different.
 So after our correspondence began to become regular sometime around March or April there was a period of 2 months , where she wanted to know when I was planning on coming.  I finally had a date set for early August, Olya was very pleased to know this and was looking forward to our meeting, just as I was.  She had told  me she felt we were going to get along very well, and that she didn't see what would go wrong. I didn't try to convince her otherwise ,as I was hoping the same.

I told her I will be able to spend up to 6 months there,she seemed shocked at how I could do it,but after telling her she seemed at ease. We both agreed it would be the best thing to be able to do instead of more trips every few months.
  Now for the train ride  :chuckle:  it seems I never learn  :(
I had wanted to see Nuremberg Germany on my last trip,but it never took place. So I thought since I was landing in Germany, I could take a day out to this city than train it again across Poland and on to Zaporozhye Ukraine. Thinking this will help ease up on the jet lag, and I would be at my best by the time I got to Zapcity.  Well so the plan was :duh:  My last trip via the train I was well rested , entering Ukraine, but this round wasn't to be the case.

 A host of problems started soon after I left Nuremberg. I bought my ticket for the ICE
 ( Inter City Express) to Berlin and from there I would get on a night train to Poland. The beautiful high speed of the ICE train was great ! Hurling across the country in comfort and on time !  I get to Berlin and find my platform to board the  train, as I approach with my 2 tickets one for the train ,and one for the sleeper, ( this time I was fully prepared to have a hassle free journey........ Nyet ! 
  I had arrived too late to catch the train, infact I saw it roll down the tracks. I had missed it by a minute.
Good thing I was just in Berlin several months before, and knew of a hostel very close to the station. So after washing up at the McClean I had a bite to eat at McDonald's.  Dam I love Germany ! Everything works so quiet and perfect. Walking in to the hostel I got a private room,and the guy working there asked why so many Canadian's have their flag on their baggage. I don't but many other's  ,young and old do,even some old Yanks that my parents know . I tell them it's so they won't be mistaken for being a Yank, he laughed andsaid that's what his coworker had also told him.
 While in Berlin I called Olya ,and told her my situation, I told her I should of just flown into Kiev that day, but I didn't know if I would of gotten to her city any sooner. At any rate Kiev was going to happen the following morning.....yeah ::)

The next morning I get on to crossing Poland, gone was the modern comfort ,the trip was fairly uneventful, until it came time to switch trains in Poland. Racing from one platform to another with 8 minutes to spare wasn't easy,but I managed to find where I needed to go,though it was a full panic situation ! When the train arrived in Krakow PL I again needed to race to the night train,
I had only maybe 5 minutes from the time I got off  to get onto the UA train and as I dashed to the car a older woman is on the train yelling at the UA  train attendant !   I look with big eyes as I can tell there's a big problem, the train is about to leave and they toss her bags off !  I yell ,"What's going on !" As I was blocked from getting closer to the train to show her my tickets.
 A young teenage girl says to me that the train is full ,and has been booked for months !! :o :o :o
  WTF !!! the doors close  5 seconds later and it's rolling away, I'm standing there,watching another train roll away . This girl spoke perfect English , and was the granddaughter of the UA woman who worked in Germany, but was from Livi UA.
  I just couldn't believe it ! Two trains in 2 days gone without me being on them, now I'm in Poland again for the night. It was late the sun was down,I knew of some hostels to crash at,and after hearing the train was fully booked for months I wanted to hang near the two others to find out what was going to be the next move.
  So the 3 of us head down to the ticket window,and granma starts talking in German, translates  to her granddaughter in Russian and relays it to me in English ::)  What a site! :chuckle:
 So now we need a place to sleep and some guys are there to offer their homes for the night,I told them I know of a hostel we can go to.  So off in a taxi we go,and of course the place doesn't have enough beds for the 3 of us :(  The old lady manages a deal where she and her granddaughter will share a single bed,and I will have my own single bed.  I go down the hall and try to see if theres any flights to Kiev from Krakow,leaving in the morning,the very helpful semi hot Polish girl did her best to find but there was nothing she found. Great  2 nights blown  & Olya's waiting. I'm beyond aggravated,and the stress is built to the boiling point. Worse thing is it was all my fault, no one was to blame but me.

 Next morning the 3 of us head back to the station to catch some train to the border of UA. So the windows are open in the station and the birds have shit on the park like benches. Ohh it was going to get better I was telling myself. The granddaughter Julia  had been living in USA since she was 5yo, she had that look of defeat in her eyes,and when I asked she told me she just wanted to go back home.

  We got to talking about my train ticket,and I told her I had a reserved sleeper,even showed her my ticket,she looked at it and told me they never had any reserved sleeper tickets, and that's why they were refused boarding  :fighting0025:   :censored:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Why me .... why me!!!!!  :'(
We get on the train,and its hot ,no AC and there's everything on this train, huge bags ,bikes,and I'm sure some chickens were there as well :chuckle:
While in 3rd class crammed in with the others, granny takes it upon herself to bump me up to 2nd class. All done in German,and I had no idea what was going on, I thought I paid extra for all of us,but no it was just for me. There I met a Ukrainian guy who spoke  alright English, and once we got to the PL /UA border he offered to take me to a place to eat.   I went with him to get his train ticket, I didn't need mine as I had already bought mine the day before,safely tucked in my back pocket ::)
 While waiting I go to check my ticket and it 's not there !  The dam thing was laying on the sidewalk outside !  You know this happened to me earlier in Krakow, same pocket,and you'd think one would get wise to it ,but for some reason it never did ! :chuckle:  I was lucky as both times I found it, I later figured out that my gym bag was rubbing my ass and it would be hitting the ticket until it slid right out.
 Ahh well such is life. So through the UA border control and onto our cabin. here I meet this bizarre Yank who was in Russia on some church mission. He hardly  seems the type, but looks like a 30 yo hobbit :chuckle: Nice loud guy, don't think there a soul who didn't know where the foreigners were staying. :-X
 It had been awhile since I saw the gran and daughter,until Julia comes aboard and asks, " Do you have my grans passport ?"  Shes been refused entry into UA until she shows it. All her bags were dumped out in the room franticly looking for it. I told her the last time I saw it was at the hostel,she had to surrender it to the staff while we were able to keep ours. And when we left we never did stop to get it.  :(  It was back in Krakow several hours away,and this train was leaving in minutes. Julia gets off knowing that must be where it is, I felt bad for them,and Julia only had 2 weeks ,now it was going to be another 2 days until she was back at this border with her grans passport.
 By midnight I was in Livi enroute to Kiev, I looked out the window to see if the 2 got off the train and I never did see them. Morning came and so did Kiev , I said my goodbyes to the hobbit,and went to the booth to buy my next and final ticket to Zaporzhye. 
 Before leaving Toronto , I stopped in to see Vova and family as they had just arrived 2 months before from Kharkov.  It was good to see them again,and I was curious to find out how they were adjusting to life in the "centre of the universe".
 I was staying a couple of days in TO visiting my friend Andre who used to live here in the Peg. The two of us went over to visit with his family,and I had only planned on a couple of hours,but they had dinner plans at 3pm and we both just finished eating an hour before. Can't refuse the food , it's as bad as being in an Italians home and saying you don't want to eat.  Really Vova, water or a beer is fine,but no she had made this big meal and I felt I better not say no.
 So after dinner and a beer ,we were sitting there and I asked if there was something to drink, he was drinking Crown Royal, and water would of been fine,but he and his friend get up and walk out . I look at Andre and ask where there going ? He has no clue either,and Sveta can't speak to tell me.  Now this gets bad, they come back and he has beer from the store, I told him we didn't need it,and I felt like shit.
 I'm thinking I should of brought over some beer for us to have,but we weren't planning on staying too long.  We make the best of it,and their daughter comes in with a bag full of stuffed animals from a second hand store. She just loves Canada  so far !  Being a skinny 15yo so will the guys soon enough!

 It was time to go and I knew Vova would refuse any money from me for the drinks,but he's in my country and I should of gave more thought to how they would greet us. Toronto living isn't cheap,so I tucked $20 in the chesterfield behind a pillow,they'd find it after I was gone,and hopefully know it was from me.
  I had planned on calling them whenever I returned,but the baggage guys in Kiev stole some of my stuff including dumping out his phone number. To this day I have yet to hear from him,so maybe he's pissed off ,I really don't know.

 So back in Kiev I show the lady my note written by Vova asking to buy a ticket to Zapcity in Russian,she reads it and writes down 41 & 44. than points with a big swooping motion to the back????  Turns out to buy a domestic ticket you need to buy at certain booths. I get my ticket and call Olya telling her my latest situation,and how pissed off I am the way it went.  She telling me she's excited to see me,and adds in that she's now on vacation. She has been waiting for me for a day or so,and wondered what happened,yeah I do to  :duh:
 Her mother has rented a beach house.... well sorta I guess :laugh: on the Azov sea for a few days. Now I'm thinking great I'll get there and she'll be with her mom for a week. But than she asks if I will come with her, she wants to go badly and wonders if I'll be able to find the place on my own. Not likely,without giving very good directions to someone. She decides to wait until 4am when I'll be there,and we'll go together directly from the train station.

The next ride from hell coming up  :(

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Re: Donhollio's FSU Pursuit !
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So the ride on the early evening train was like so many others I have taken since. Long slow and boring. I don't read much,and looking out the window only is good as long as the sun hasn't set.  And once that moment comes,it's like sitting in jail waiting for a visitor ( So I have been told )  :innocent:
  The train was to arrive at 4am ,and Olya will be there to meet me,only problem was I was in the early stages of a migraine headache. I delayed taking any pills for it, but hours past and it was not going away. So I popped a few pills and tried to sleep it off, most times this will work.
 I'm not sure what happened exactly but as the train was about to enter the Zaprozhye train station,the train attendant was shaking me !  She had a look of urgency on her face, and I could hear the train was almost at a stop.  So I jumped off the top bunk,grabbed my bag and headed to the now crawling train.
 My first thoughts were, I have to hide from Olya if she's standing there and sees me looking all dichevaled. I had planned on shaving,popping in the contacts,and getting some decent clothes on. But the time ran out and I walk off the train and run down into the storage area, thinking it was the WC !
 As I was running I noticed what must of Been her standing there looking at the train wondering if I was in the car. Lucky for me she was looking too far down the line to see me .
  So down in the baggage area a woman and taxi driver are there ,and one is trying to offer me his fare ,and the other is trying to get my money for the locker . I was really confused and somewhat stoned from the pills,but I finally realised there was no WC near me,and when I tried to ask they were confused as to what I was requesting.
 Finally in exasperation, I look at the woman, than at the man ,  and gesture I need to take a piss :-[   They both have a chuckle and he directs me to the WC.  Ahh yes the WC ,not restroom as I was asking for. If only that Russian language course was still in my head ,I would of known .
 Anyway I get cleaned up,and head upstairs to see Olya. By this point the station is empty,and I'm thinking the worst that she has left thinking I didn't get on that train.
 When I first got off the train I noticed a girl in a skirt,and knew that must of been her, but as I was walking out of the station I was looking for a girl in a red dress ???  Too many pills I guess.  I made my way to the main doors and walked right past her,it was strange as we both passed each other, staring and as we passee we both turned knowing we found each other .   I will say it was a brutal first encounter.
 Olya says she has a taxi waiting to take us to the Azov sea,and asks if its ok.  I say sure as there wasn't a bus going there for hours,and I had already taken 2 days off her holiday.
  Getting in the taxi she can see how tried I am,wonders why. I try to tell her I can't sleep on train,planes,automobiles,and I'm sure any other moving thing. I tell her I need cash for the ride $50 USD,and we head off to a ATM. 
 Now it just keeps getting better and better, the card is not dispensing the amounts it should be. But I have another card and it gives me the required sum without hassle.
   Now I'm worried why this one card wasn't giving me the amount I wanted,all I could get was about $60 per 24 hours.  The sunrise drive in the countryside was nice, though it was shocking to see so many dead dogs that were killed during the night by vehicles. Also dotting the roadside were the farmers selling the melons, we stop to get some to take to her mother.
 We drive through Maripol and try the ATM again... no luck, ohh well press on.
Olya tells me to sleep as she can clearly see how exhausted I was,but I told her I had waited since Spring to see her,and wasn't going to sleep now!
  The beach area/resort ?  I dunno what they call it, but it is the beach, bars, restaurants ,and some amusement rides all in a strip.
 We pull up to the box car that has been converted into two units all for $10 p/n.  Her mom was somewhat disappointed in the place as she rented it site unseen from a neighbour.  It was good enough for a beach holiday,and I think once Olya saw it didn't bother me ,she was more at ease.  In fact it seemed she was more disgusted with it than I was  :chuckle:
 I told her its a place to sleep,and will be fine. Meeting her mom went alright, we both don't know each others language,so it was done via Olya's translating. After about 30 minutes Olya asked if I wanted to sleep, it was about 8am and I needed it badly. She than offered to go to the beach and I could sleep there, but I didn't want that so I opted to sleep a few hours in the soft bed.  Olay said she was tried too ,after staying up all night and being at a dance club.
 I excused myself and went to lay down, all I remember was sinking into the bed, and upon my second breath I was out.  I have never fallen asleep like that before, it was a euphoric feeling like the time I was on morphine for 2 weeks. 
 We both woke at about noon and prepared for the beach, it was hot out already, and I went to sit on the deck while Olya got ready.  Moments later Olya emerges from the boxcar, in a little bikini, big shades and some 10cms beach heels ! :party0031:
 I was so happy I had my shades on, so her mom couldn't see my eyes popping out while her mom was sitting across from me !  Wow!  What a site ! The past few days were all washed away,and now I was finally with Olya and about to enjoy the beach.

  What I should have known in hindsite is that I need a few days to be 100% after flying and riding to Ukraine. I was no where near my norm,and it showed.
 We had a nice time that day ,talking ,drinking and just enjoying our time together. As evening came I offered to take them to dinner somewhere along the promenade,where her mom has told her she wants to ask me some questions :scared0005: Ohh oh questions ?  " Yes Don, she wants to know things."   I was bracing myself to find the right answers,and during dinner they were mostly benign,and one question I guess was too much for Olya to ask me,and gave her mom as wave of the finger  :chuckle:
 Later that evening her mom went back to the boxcar, and Olya and I went down near the beach. I thought it was going well , she was showing all kinds of affection,and we called it a early night in part to both of us being tried.
 Next day she wanted to have some food ,and we went walking to find some woman selling cooked food from the trunk of her Lada :o  Now I won't get too far into it ,but we had some mashed potato's,and meat. What I didn't know is that the meal also had some egg in it, though not enough to make me real sick ,just enough to make my stomach sore,and give me nausea.  Of course this put a damper on my mood,and I was becoming increasingly a boring guy.

It was back to roasting on the beach, +30c and no shade, she wanted to swim and I didn't,I just didn't feel too good,but never told her,add on being still tried wasn't helping matters.  not that there was ever a uncomfortable moment, but as the day progressed I knew I was losing her fast.
  I finally decided to just come out and say it, ( no I'm not a one week wonder ) but I asked her how she saw things going between us.  Well the answer I got was not only the one I didn't want to hear, but it was depressing as well. I knew it too because I felt it in me as well.  She basically said I wasn't the happy fun man she knew from all those phone calls in Canada. I knew it was true,and I cursed myself for not taking some days to recoup my energy before seeing her.
 I thanked her for her honesty, and it was the first time I was at a loss for words in her company.

 That evening we headed out to some dance club, my cash flow was dwindling down to about $20,but I still really enjoyed being with her,and judging by her body language, I was having a hard time believing I was a write off in her books. She still continues to hold my hand,wrap her arms around me,and show enough affection to make me hold out some hope.  It was going to be our last night at the Azov sea,and I was thinking it may be the last night I will ever see her.  My heart was falling for her,and I was shocked by how much I liked her, as I don't tumble like that.  However I guess anything was possible.
 We ended the night quite late,and from what she told me on the beach that day was starting to get the better of me, I was thinking too much about it,and getting in a sad mood.
 Next day it was back to the beach, for the last day of roasting, Olya could tell I was sad over the way it was turning out,and she asked me about the other girls I would be meeting. ???   "I don't have any if I never knew you, I would of never come to Ukraine."   I remember those words too vividly,as she was surprised saying most men come and meet many others. "I told you before I was only writing you."  And with those words I made her feel very guilty :( it was never my intention to do that,it just came out that way.  She received a phone call from her work later on ,and they confirmed that she was needed in Kiev. 

 Now I was hoping that we would of lasted longer than a day and a half, but it was now on to plan B. I asked to borrow her phone, as I needed to call Guy in Odessa,and tell him I was on my way there much sooner than expected.   In speaking with Guy, I asked if his room was open yet and her tells me its rented until the end of the month, 26th or around there.  I say ok I'll make other arrangements, and I will be in touch.
 Basically my plan B was to live with Guy in Odessa, maybe work at his school and meet some girls.  Olya and I took the bus back to Zaporzhye,and we made a stop at her auntie's for dinner. it was nice to meet her and Olya's father who turned out to be a hockey fan. When I told him I was from Winnipeg ,he paused and replied "Winnipeg Jets!" I was shocked that he knew of this team, as I didn't think it's history was known back in the USSR days. The Jets were the first team to bring in Europeans to play and they even played against some of the top USSR teams back in the 70's. I think they even took on the red army once, it was a ground breaking team ,and they paved the way for todays NHL.
 Anyways after dinner Olya her dad and I, went to see her off at the train station for her trip to Kiev. As the train pulled out, I thought ,"shit, I plan on being here 6 months and so far my plan is blown after 3 days."   It's a long road ahead :(

 Ivan dropped me off at the Intourist where Olya had set me up ,and even gave me some numbers to call to meet other girls. Gee thanks girl, I knew she meant well , but I didn't want to hear it.  I had also decided to just stay in Zapcity,I would of needed to rent a place in Odessa until Guys room was freed up,and I really didn't want to totally give up on Olya,even though I knew it was not going to happen.

 When Olya returned from Kiev I called her up to tell her I was still in Zapcity and we met up later on. Everything was as it was,good time enjoying ourselves.  While she was gone I met a guy who had been scammed by a Aweb girl ::)  he had almost a week left,and his date was finished after one night of her taking a kick back on the sushi bill.
 I'm telling you newbies ,any girl who wants sushi on a first date is nothing but trouble.
  I offered Dave a chance to meet a agency owner that Olya used,and maybe he could salvage some of his trip. He agreed, and later that day Karina came to meet us. I told Dave not to mention Olya to her as I was told she didn't know I was in town. It seems Olya had kept  me from her.  So were sitting at a cafe and Dave mentions what kind of girl he'd like to meet. Instantly she offers up Olya ! :o I keep it quiet, and as she places a call to her ,I am thinking  WTF have I just done?
 I tell Karina I'm not interested in meeting any girls,so she works on getting Dave some dates.
 After we head back to her office,and she goes through her PC showing him some girls. Now the date with Olya had already been set,and I didn't have anytime during this to tell him that's the girl I was with at the beach ! Finally she prints off Olya's profile for him ,and I tap his foot telling him.  Well I was hoping he would of declined meeting her,but instead he tells Karina that he has met a guy in the hotel who was seeing her  :o :o  I kept my poker face,and was wondering where this was going, finally he turns to me and says, " And you are?"   So in my best accent I say, " Steve from Minnesoda." 
 I was thinking why is he trying to have a laugh at my expense,but I held on to being Steve.  He never did meet Olya because of me,and know Karina is wanting to get to the bottom of all this.   Karina said it was impossible because Olya was only serious about one man from London :green:  I can't tell you how that felt, hearing those words knowing Karina didn't know who I was. And what could I do of say at that point ?  I kept my mouth shut,even as she went on about she wanted marriage with him,but he didn't.  It was crushing to say the least,my insides churned for hours. And I had to keep it all to myself.

 The next day I get a few phone calls to my hotel room,without any one replying,and I'm thinking it's all going to come out now and Olya will be in deep shit.  We we met the following night, I could tell she was disturbed and wanted to ask me some things ,but didn't know if I was in on it,or how to go about it. It began in a humorous way,she was asking if there was a guy in the hotel from USA,and if I knew him. I told her I did ,and I lied to her earlier about it,to keep her from having to lie to Karina.
 Olya and I spent the evenings together having dinner,and some drinks. We would talk about almost anything, than one day while walking I couldn't resist any longer,and moment came up in the conversation and I popped the question. 
"What about the man from London ?"  Well the look on her face was one of astonishment, she was speechless ,and asked how I knew about him.  I told him Karina told me ,and she didn't know who I was at the time.   I didn't bother to bring up the fact she wanted him,and he was moving slower than she wanted. I just didn't want to bring it up,but he and I both were writing to her at the same time,except he showed up first,and her heart was taken.
 She made it out to be like he wasn't going to be in the picture,and I had seen enough of Olya to know she's a terrible liar.  But I let it go.

 My time in Zaporzhye was coming to an end,and even though Olya and I continued to hang out together, on the last night I ever saw her we were in the taxi to drop her off at home,she offered to come to Odessa. I thought this was very strange,and said how could she come if she hasn't enough days off to come down ?   She made it sound like she could find the time,but I told her
( insert foot in mouth)   That she only wanted a holiday to come down to Odessa and sit on the beach. I added in somewhere that it's also because she has never been there............ :duh:
   Hey I've made 6 trips you think, I pussy foot around holding back my thoughts ? :laugh:  Well Olya sits up from laying on my lap,and we arrive shortly at her place. Out of the car I usually get the nightly kiss on the cheek, but this time it was a firm handshake ! :chuckle:  Ohh did I push some buttons Olya ? 

 Earlier she agreed to see me off at the train station,and when I called her she was telling me she'll meet me there. I knew she was still mad,and off to the station I went.  High noon was fast approaching and there was no sign of Olya, so I called and she never answered. Well I guess I did piss her off more than I thought.

 Sadly I got on the train Odessa was waiting 44 stops and 17 hours :( What a slow ride it was. 44 stops I couldn't believe it ! It's the only train I have been on there where the electric grid ends ,and they hook up a diesel to haul it for awhile.  I can say this the ride with diesel has much more vibration than the electric locomotives.

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Re: Donhollio's FSU Pursuit !
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 I roll into Odessa,and reminisced about being there two years prior. Armed with a slight knowledge about the centres layout, I make my way to the good pay phones, if such a thing is possible.
 I walk to the Black Sea Hotel to use the pay phone and get some cash from  the ATM. I call up Guy and he gives me his home address,and tells me how much I should be paying for a ride to his home from there.
 Well the first driver tries to tell me its very far and will cost 100 UAH !   Thats about 75-80 higher than the norm,so I make my way to the local McDonald's and find a more civil fare.
 Hotels are know to have higher prices for most services,and a 2 block walk can save you money, and more importantly not getting taken advantage of.
 Pulling up to guys was refreshing,a nice little home with clean air,and low on noise. It was a complete transformation from my hotel stays. Guy gave me a tour of his place ,and showed me how the place all works. Lot's of ways to doing things in his home  :chuckle:  I needed some rest so I took a nap, and later we went to the beach. It was nice to sit on some foreign shore and speak English,all the while seeing slim topless girls ! :party0031:
 Guy was wanting me to teach at his school after some training to see if I could do it.  I was not really crazy about trying it,but after some days past I headed off with him to check it out.
 It became very clear to me that teaching wasn't going to happen,as I knew no grammar rules or how it all fits together. Ohh well  I speak one language ,and I do good at it, just don't ask me to explain the rules.
 His classes were made up of mostly girls 80% for most levels,and it was nice to see the girls all into learning! ;D
 Other nights were spent in the nightclubs of Arkadia !  This was the second time I had been there, and those unique clubs are of world calibre.  Some nights were good ,and some were boring,it all depended on my mood,and sometimes my thoughts on Olya kept creeping up and pissing me off.
 I still had yet to get a phone,but was working on it, and I wanted to speak with Olya again. So I had Guy call up her aunt's home ( Olya was staying there )  She knows Spanish as Guy does so there would be no problem should Olya not be there.
 After a couple of minutes in Spanish, Olya and I are speaking on the phone.  Things seemed alright, I pissed her off and she wasn't interested in speaking to me. But I guess she was more forgiving than most,and I told her I'd like to call once I get my phone. She agreed and I was relieved !  And why wouldn't she ? She was getting free English lessons ,from a English speaker without any accent ! ;D  ( Canucks don't have accents ) ;D Once I had my phone I would call her every few days to just chat about whatever came up.
 She was wanting to know about how my search was going,and if I had met with Anna again. As well just how life in general was in Odessa.
  Anyways I got sick shortly after swimming in the sea,and couldn't move around for most of the week.  The only highlight was Olya's SMS's being concerned about my health.
 Things seemed fine between us and I was thinking she could be a good friend down the road,but that wasn't to be.
  I only spoke with her very breifly after ,and I could tell she was lying about having her cell phone stolen from a nightclub.  Like I said she wasn't very convincing at telling lies.  I let it roll off again, and mentioned that i may leave Ukraine very soon,and thought maybe I would stop in Zaporzhye to say goodbye to her.
 She didn't sound too comfortable with that suggestion,and just said ,
" I don't know."  We chatted for a few minutes,and it sounded like she was busy,so I asked if I calling her the coming weekend would be better.   We said our goodbyes,and when I went to call that Saturday,there was no answer. About a week went by and I decided to call her home, I was pissed at her for not answering the phone,and planned on letting her know.
 I know normally back home I would of given up on this girl from day 3 , but I found when I am in Ukraine boredom often reigns.And I tend to pursue things  a bit too much.   The days can be long ,and uneventful until the night comes,only to have it start all over at 9am. Long walks and sitting on the beach can all be good in moderation,but for me it wears off quick.
 So I made the call, mom answers and the little Russian I knew and tone she was asking ,that she was wanting to know how my girl search was going. She seemed happy to hear from me again,and I asked where Olya was. Her mom gave me a number to call.... Olya's cell number  :(  The very number she told me was stolen weeks earlier.  I repeated the numbers,and even got the house cleaner to confirm the numbers.   
 I thanked her mom and she could tell I was sad by  getting the number.  Afterwards I sent Olya a SMS  telling her she didn't need to be that way,and she could of just been honest. I know its not easy,but she didn't seem to have any problem with it on the beach.
 She never replied ,and I didn't expect her to.

In the meantime I was hanging out with Anna and some of her friends. It was great to have a little normal atmosphere,and Anna was always easy on the eyes  ;D

 More to come.

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Re: Donhollio's FSU Pursuit !
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Canucks don't have accents

eh!!! ;D ;D

Hello Don :
    Just a friendly jab.  I've always had great times when I visit Canada.  Being from Boston ; Montreal is my most frequent stop.  Hope one day to get to the Western cities!  I'm a hockey fan so taking in some games are high on my list.  I look forward to reading more about your times in FSU.  If I go back ; it will be to visit my wife's cousins.

Dave Maynard

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Re: Donhollio's FSU Pursuit !
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  Quebecers don't count   :laugh:  You know I learned all my french from reading cereal boxes and listening to  da Montreal Canadian playurs speak during intermission on Hockey Night in Canada.
 I would ask my dad why they can't speak normal, and than would tell me all about Quebec in his endearing ways  :laugh:

  So after some weeks had past, and not one prospect in sight, I began hitting the i-net cafes heavy in search of a better city to try.  I refused to use AFA or Aweb more so Aweb, due to its dishonest management style. AFA couldn't give me a office to stop in at ,so I discounted them on that alone.
 I had also gotten in contact with a woman who once did work for Aweb,and she offered to help me ,but again I felt like I gave them enough money.
 I settled in on Athena agency,they were open and very helpful. Its too bad the girls in her agency ( that I chose )  were not that interested in meeting me or any guys for that matter.
 I will give you a quick rundown. All the girls I picked spoke English without the aid of a translator.  First girl had met what must of been a hundred guys,playboys, losers and more losers. She was a complete snob, but again I had nothing better to do that day ,so I sat and chatted with her on a bunch of subjects.
  Politics seemed to be a keen interest of hers,it was the only girl I met who spoke about it.
 The other 3 I picked,were duds.  One expected me to show up with about 1 hours notice. it wasn't possible,and she never bothered to call the office back to arrange another meeting.
 Another stood me up,claiming her father took ill suddenly and couldn't make it. And my favorite girl was a airline stewardess,who after reading another guys TR I PMed him to ask if it was the same girl I had met.  Yup it was, it was comical to know our dates months apart were almost identical in how she behaved 
 We both call her Miss Sto 
 There was nothing I was interested in at Adam and Eva,so my new cities plan was in the early stages. Guy wasn't happy with me wanting to leave,but understood why I was. He had his girlfriend try and find someone for me ,but came up empty.
 The best they came up with was sexy Sveta. She came over one night to Guys home for some drinks in the backyard. It was the first time I saw her and Donhollio was in lust to the 10th power !  But she was a tough one to get close to,and I just let it be that she wasn't all that dialled into me.
 I kept procrastinating,and I found out that Olya had gone to see her man in London.  I must of stared at that screen for 2 minutes before moving to the next line.  I couldn't believe it,even though I knew about her interest in him,I just never gave much thought to her flying there.
 So now that my day was ruined  I was happy Guy and a couple  of guys were going out to Palladium nightclub. I was not in a good mood ,and while leaning up against a railing up comes a blond girl asking if I speak English.  She seemed so playful with her tossing her hair from side to side,and giving a cute little laugh. It was exactly what I needed at that moment,and I really think that after two months of failure,if my luck didn't turn around very soon ,I was going home.

  Before this I even had called up an ex bedmate just to shoot the shit with and without any language hassles.  It was good to speak with her,not that she was very happy with this "stupid" idea of going there to find a girl,when I had one waiting at the other end of the phone. But I was here ,and not back home for a reason.
  So Kristina and I spent the night together,until the wee hours. Than she asks if I will go shopping with her for some food.  Shopping at 7am ?  Wow, ok    It was all very entertaining with her dragging me by the hand, up and down the  aisles looking for food to make some fish soup.  I was shocked to hear how demanding she was with the staff,but I said nothing.
 To my suprise she didn't ask or even hint for me to pay for the food,and once outside we kissed and she sent me home in a taxi.  Agreeing to meet again later in the week seemed like a good idea,but if I could of only seen into the future ....   Why do I always seem to find them   We did meet a few more times that week,but I knew it wasn't going to work. So I planned my departure to return to Zaporozhye. A city I told Olya I wouldn't go to if she wasn't there. But F@#$ HER !  She's gone and I have my own life to fullfill.   :party0031:

 I won't be posting any photo's of the above mentioned girls, as I don't want to cause any trouble with any of them. Especially Kristina ! :scared0005:

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Re: Donhollio's FSU Pursuit !
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No photos ?
Completely worthless  with out them , how could you ?
please email some to me , pleeeese  :-) .
I must see who  you are talking about .