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Author Topic: Slutochka: a modern Russian Fairy Tale  (Read 5509 times)

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Re: Slutochka: a modern Russian Fairy Tale
« Reply #45 on: January 15, 2019, 05:07:27 PM »
Speak for yourself...  :ROFL:
Is there even a "Greek position" in the Kama sutra ??  :dh:
one guy standing behind another guy

As Markje already mentioned, "ancient greek art + ancient greek mythology leave little to the imagination  :party0011:"

For your information the Greeks never had any problem with sex and sexuality and they did experiment with everything, so I think they din't need a Kamasutra book to teach them what to do ..........

Just for your info.....the Doggy position is very favorite with most women..... and not men only, as you imply!.

But for you, God fearing conservative American's, I suggest you visit the site below ... take a look and you may learn something more....!

Every woman has her own preference but I expect 100 Kamasutra sex positions to satisfy your curiosity and help you to learn something  new on the way.

The Greeks have tried and tested all of them and more!

What is worse than not being able to get what you don't even want?