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My main computer has been playing up. I know a lot of you guys are savvy on such stuff so I thought I would ask.

I have plenty of gigs and rams and stuff and run XP.


* Mouse/keyboard freezing up. Leave it a few minutes and they return to normal on their own
* Computer has restarted itself a few times and then given the error message that it has "recovered from a serious error"
* It isn't recognizing some USB devices plugged into it - sticks mostly.
* Sometimes starts up in a heartbeat - sometimes takes ages and/or freezes on start up. Sometimes wont shut down on its own.
* Random stuff - like today the bottom toolbar and all desktop icons vanished. They all came back with a reboot.
I've done the usual stuff, cleared cache, deleted old files, run maintenance, defragged, several virus sweeps, etc.

Its probably not the processor/powerpack overheating as it gets better with time if anything. Leave it on all night and its tickety boo next morning still. (I replaced the power pack and processor recently anyway actually).

Sometimes it can freeze up six times in an hour and then be OK the rest of the day. Its quite random.

All the new stuff I fitted a while back had SATA connections (whatever they are) but I didn't change the hard drive - is this the hard drive dying?

It froze up last night during a Skype call and cut me off (headset is USB). Had to reboot that time.

The only new hardware/software recently is a new D-Link router.

Suggestions and thoughts welcome. Apart from changing the hard drive (which is a ton of work reinstalling all your crap as you know) I am out of ideas.......

Hey Manny it sounds as if the hard drive is getting to hot or it is on its way out  that would cause the shutdowns and the errors you are talking about.
The other possibility is the motherboard is dying and has a fault on it.

IMac Apple

- Not recognizing some USB devices that are plugged in can have many causes from the ports being partially clogged with dirt or problems with the connection.  The USB connection inside the computer could be loose and several others.
- Mouse and keyboard freezing up and then returning to normal first thing to do is to try the keyboard/mouse on another computer, if it happens there it's a keyboard/mouse problem if not it's probably driver problem or maybe a connection problem on the computer side. 
- Computer has restarted itself a few times and then given the error message that it has "recovered from a serious error" is getting to be a serious problem and could be anything from a virus to a problem with the O/S.  Unfortunately the best solution for this is probably to reinstall the O/S.
- Toolbar and desktop icons not appearing on startup is because a step was probably skipped in the startup routine with the O/S.  Once again it's looking like replacing the O/S is the best bet.
- Varying speeds for startup is once again looking like problems with the O/S.  Replacing the O/S is again probably the best bet.

If you can't do the work yourself your best bet is to get a tech guy at your local computer shop to do it unfortunately it can be expensive.  In Vancouver they charge $35/hr CAN.  If your computer is more than 3+ years old it is probably best to get a new computer.

I have seen these faults many times before and most times it is the hard drive on the way out and sometimes it is the heatshield on the motherboard causing the computer to shutdown and causing the same sort of faults.

9 x out of 10 the error will be a thermal error you should check your event log on your computer not sure what computer you have but try this

Check your event Event Viewer:
Start > Run, type eventvwr
Check the Application and System errors. Note the date and time.

If you do not know how to read the error logs post them up here and i will interpret them for you.


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